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How to Fix Laptop DC Power Jack for Good

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(With BONUS Footage: Fix Overheating Laptops) If your laptop power jack doesn’t seem to work any more or moving the power wire causes your laptop to go on battery mode or even worse it turns your laptop off, YOU MY FRIEND need this video to help you fix your own laptop for FREE if you happen to own a soldering iron and some solder.

It’s very common for Laptop Power Jacks (the thingy where the power wire plugs into) to break. This problem happens on any brand of laptop. It’s been a problem for Acer, Apple, Toshiba, HP’s, Asus, Gateway, Alienware, and pretty much any laptop out there.

The GOOD NEWS is that the problem is really easy to fix, but it can be a little time consuming. Fixing my wife’s ACER 8930G took me over an hour but that is because I was recording this video for you guys. If I was just doing it for myself, I could probably do the whole thing in less than 30 minutes.


I include footage on how to fix laptop overheating issues which is very common on gaming laptops. Chances are that your laptop worked fine before, but now it overheats… Watch the video for the BONUS TIP.

Comment below with how long it took you to fix yours!

DISCLAIMER: By Doing This Repair You Agree To Accept All Risk and Liability. Make Sure You Take Every Safety Precaution and Disconnect the Laptop from its Power Source Before You Work On It.

Go to http://www.provenhelper.com/computers/13-how-to-repair-laptop-dc-power-jacks-common-problem.html
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