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How To Fix Laptop Battery That Doesn’t Charge

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www.techzaada.com how to fix laptop battery problem that says “plugged in but not charging”
in this video i will show you a trick to fix the battery that doesn’t hold charge.
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Tech Zaada says:

Also watch this amazing video. How to identify a REFURBISHED laptop. latest method of 2017

Crissy Kara says:

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Victoria Ontiveros says:

Thank you!!

Carolyn Williams says:

I can't believe how simple your reconditioning steps are! My old (and once dead) car batteries, cell phone battery, drill battery, camera battery and tons of other batteries are all reconditioned and working great again! Since starting your program [Check Details Here==>https://plus.google.com/100351090281822647456/posts/Gwtd4mVBdEd ] I've saved over $400 on batteries!

Greg Johnson says:

Same old method,never works.

Nafsin Nasama says:

it not works for mee

Huzaifa Khalid says:

i tried out your method after that its coming plugged in, charging but doesnt charge and also it remians 0%available….
please give me any other solution plzzz..

Keisha Kenya Stiger says:

Thanks so much for the info and now my computer ๐Ÿ’ป is working again.
Now I was clicking to fast & accidentally deleted the "battery " you stated "not to delete". HOW CAN I FIX THIS ISSUE?

Thank you โ˜๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜„

Ather Ali Mehdi says:

its not working

Jack says:

Mine is already dead

Ted Choi says:

HELP! I have a new battery that says it's charging but not really charging and won't turn on the computer either. I've tried numerous ways to fix the problem including the recalibration descrbied here but nothing worked! I have Sony Vaio. The Funny thing is my old battery works fine but it won't work with my new battery. The Old battery has 4500Mah and a new battery has 5800Mah. I'm thiniking it's because of this. Anyway, I ordered another new battery but still won't work. What can I do? Anyone has a good solution?

Donette Florence says:

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