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How To Fix Issues With Usb Drive Not Showing In My Computer

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This tutorial will show you how to resolve issues with accessing a usb flash drive.



Thank alot this really help like a magic, thank you boss!

Bocahj says:

I have alot of important stuff on my USB but i cant format without everything gets deleted…. Just restarted my pc but saved all my graphic work and so on, on my USB..

valveman12 says:

Very Helpful. Thank you

thirstyy thristyy says:

none of this shit worked for me. even on that admin tools thing, it didnt show up.

gregor Kosak says:

cant update drivers beacuse i have reinstalled windows and i need USB to install internet driver but cant use USB cuz i cant update driver plz help? i tryed this and i dont even have usb in device mangment

Svetlana Baronina says:

thank very much

Eric Kret says:

I tried the first method and it worked!
Thank you so much

harry786786 says:

Thanks Sir its Work for me!!!
GoD Bless You…

the day apes were zombies says:

😀 is the one i looked for ifound it but it has no media

aryan abishek says:

thank u…….ur absouletly genius

Rosemin De Castro says:

It didn't work for me 🙁

ddgg44 says:

One more waste of time. Are you all STUPID ? How can you perform operations onto a drive you canNOT see ? Uh ?

Evolve Hair & Beauty Salon says:

Hi I've got a USB that I want to access I've the computer is detecting the USB drive but when I'm on device manager-other devices-USB-chip it has a yellow triangle next to it would like your help on this thanks

Saske Shehoka says:

Mine is Unallocated Not Initialized or Unknown ! but it is located to Disk 1 :((

suhail ahmed says:

worked fa my win 10

CB in the bible daily says:

anybody have any suggestions on what to do if my flash drive pops up then disappears repeatedly

Kasey Webster says:

I wish I'd found this video an hour ago. Thanks!

howtodo simplethings says:

very good video …. i have subscribed your channel

Hambach says:

Thanks dude ! 😀 my USB is working 😀

Leo Lavanya says:

Thank you that worked!!!!

Amit Joshi says:

awesome video bro …just amazing.. u saved my 16 gb pendrive ….thanks a lot..

ZariCarter Reacts says:

Very helpful thanks

Mike Green says:

Big thank you!!! I can see the drive when I go to the control panel with explore but its not showing up in My Computer. But its better then nothing.

Update drive is showing up but my computer is taking a long time to scan.

WolfNation says:

mine wont even show up in the compmgmt.msc bro

Shanne Winchester says:

It says 'no media. Howwwwww?

Zohia Arif says:

when i go to disk manegament it shows disk one block name but not its block space where its information is avialable

Vengeance Hazard says:

My problem is my computer wont recognize my mouse…I'll plug it in and it won't let me use it. Please help

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