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How to fix ipod/iphone stuck on apple logo WORKS

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Press sleep and home buttons till screen goes black the release em n press sleep and volume up and after screen lights up release sleep and keep holding the volume up until u see the lock screen

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Gabriel Osorio says:

gee thanks for the trick it works on ipod 5 too like

kapparhotau181 says:

Omg 5mins, seriously? I can turn it off but when it comes back on it shows
the apple logo, then the white wheel lines start spinning for 30sec then it
freezes for a couple of mins then the lines start spending and then freezes
again. This happened after I tried to do a reset thru the settings on a 3rd
gen ipod touch. It was working just fine b4 I tried the reset, I need help.
Will this work with my senario?

Sadie Woods says:

I tried doing this but my lock button is broken so only the home button
responded. Somehow even though its still stuck on the apple logo it opened
voice control so I accidentally called my dad at 2am. Still stuck on the
apple screen and now even if I just leave it alone it wont go to sleep like
it usually would it just stays on showing the apple logo. Anyone else had
this?? Also it was the IMDb app which seemed to cause the crash but I don’t
know whether that actually had anything to do with it

Tj Johnson says:

Thanks yo it worked for my iphone 5 

Oneblockcrafting says:

OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! It works thank you so mucH!!!!!!! for
those of you who are wondering, i am using an iPhone 5s

Fran MC says:

Thanks mate that’s awesome, I thought my phone was broken lol.. Thanks once
again :)

sugarsweet cherrytop says:

holy, thought my iphone 6 was doomed. thanks brah

BBMagicTricks says:

Dude, thank you SO MUCH! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 no homo

fred molina says:

i tried everything and when i come to the restore it doesn’t go through
because there is an error number 2001 and it can’t go on from there… ?
should i replace the battery or is my logic board fried?

Karenni Kayah says:

it worked on my iPod 5th. BIG THANKS ! (:

HardstyleCat says:

btw if you have downloaden a broken cydia tweak you can remove the tweak by
this and than reboot again and your phone is fixed!

Sidney Gonzalez says:

Phone unlocking should be free for everyone !, Great to finally after so
long have my 4S unlocked. Thanks
Go to the site i just said !!

Takaishi Siel says:

Wow thank yo very much dude i thought i broke y phone 😛 But i guess it was
just some jailbreak glitches

Rishabh Malhotra says:

my 3gs is not charging either.when connected to charger, it shows apple
logo and then again shows the battery charge logo.
Please give me some solution to this problem. It happened after I reset it
to remove jailbreak from iOS 4.1

kay kyle says:

my 3gs is not charging either.when connected to charger, it shows apple
logo and then again shows the battery charge logo. please…anyone…need
solution to this…=(

Septian Brenas Perdana Putra says:

thanks dude, it worked. but now all of cydia tweaks disappeared from
settings :|

Hector Rivera says:

dude… I cannot thank you enough for thus video. I invested quite a lot of
time and money into my iPod. then it bricked on me and I completely flipped
my lid. thanks to you I got my iPod back in working order the day after
Christmas! awesome tutorial 

Isaiah crawford says:

thanks it worked i have been waiting days for it to work 

PeriquinTV says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEBAY says:

“Your fingers might get tired but IT IS worth it” best comment of 2014.

Nikos Nikolou says:

I did it,but the apple logo blinks every 1 minute ,please help me

Shem Molon says:

thanks dude! what a relief … ^_^
good thing it worked on my iphone 5s

saj k says:

this works!!!!!! thanks a million!!

xFusionzAttack says:

I keep accidentally letting go, does it matter?

Joe Thacker says:

Hope this works on iOS 7 lol

McKayla Warner says:

You saved my life. Everything else I tried didn’t work and this did. Thank

Harica Brown says:

What if the home button doesn’t work?

Sallie O says:

Thank you so much, just used your video to fix my phone

mohit bhagat says:

thnx man it worked on my 5s ,,tysm

Dawson Fordice says:


Ghettoi9o says:

Thanks man!!! This is the only thing that worked!!

Brie Ernst says:

Thanks that’s awesome!

Rachelle Bueno de Mesquita says:

Dude thank you sooooo much!!! I was ready to bring it back to the store!

Tikita Tika says:

it worked, i wasnt pressed all the time my figner got tired and slipeed but
worked, thx

KoRaTVHD1 says:

your awsome bro ! 

Christine Milly says:

Does this work ipod touch 4 gen:( ive tried this alot. I dont know if im
doing it wrong or maybe it takes extra longer for holding it cus my ipod
touch is very laggy or something :/

Estractix says:

You saved my life

Rickygonzal3z says:

thanks this helped me alot.

Jazmin Lozano says:

Omg thank you! It worked on my 5s

aira mariano says:

Doesn’t work for me. mine is always stuck on “Connect to iTunes Logo” but
has the same error.

my iphone is already got jailbreaked but my cousin updated it and now it
won’t continue to the home screen. what should i do? TIA. God bless. 

Miguel Oyarzo says:

thanks, it works for me.

HardstyleCat says:

you are a fucking hero man! you rock!

silver slayer says:

thank you it worked for me

pacharakan intarawattanawong says:

my power bottom not work TT

Alia Mentzell says:

this actually works

LPS playing says:


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