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How To Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On With Logic Board Repair

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iPhone won’t turn on and the screen is black or frozen? After software issue being excluded, the problem may be caused by a faulty logic board. Since logic board of iPhone X is a single one that’s basically been folded over and soldered together, the unique design and structure have made any repairs to the logic board far more difficult than previous series. With our iPhone X won’t power on repair case today, the fault has been confirmed as inductor damage by voltage measurement. And we can fix the iPhone X won’t turn on issue by inductor replacing and board re-soldering. Let’s check out the video to see how to fix iPhone X black screen issue.

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REWA Technology says:

Have you ever come across other problems of iPhone X? Leave a message. 🔧

واحد مجهول says:

Hi. I have a problem with the face id it does not work after I restart the phone. The phone must be connected to the charger to return to work. As well as the portraiture with the front camera times does not work. Also the battery emptied quickly note that it shows me that the authenticity of the battery 98%

FC Bojie Jr Cantiller says:

Hmmm. Inductor? may i know how many uH or mH have this inductor L2770.

Himanshu Jaiswal says:

Is it necessary to firmware after change cpu ic in smart mobile handset or feature mobile handset?

liang xiansheng says:


mojtaba bakhshian says:

This problem is never coil.this video is fake.

Qatar Qat says:

ihave iphone x its not working brok screen afther its not working


Bro which school can teach me all mobile repairing training courses.

Emil Ludvigsson says:

I don’t get it he also did’t get volt reading on C2715 the 2th or 3th he took reading from so why wouldn’t that one be shorted?

stylishstarsaleem sss says:

Hi I want to mobile ripering training in your institute how to contact you plz tell me

Adalhelm Roderic Rosenberg says:

This is oddly satisfied

Kry Ganu says:

Aku tak faham mula asal. Tapi rumuskan sendiri.. Die gune rumus voltage. Bukannnya burst ampere. Die cek masalah voltage yg tidak sama di bahagian skema. Tapi benda ni kene tahu dulu. Ampere die setakat mana. Kalau setakat tu mungkin ada di masalah cpu. Sow die ukur voltage julat sebenar di skema.

haswell8464 Jerry says:

So neat clear thumps up for that 💪👍👍👍

Jenna says:

I WISH MY PHONE STORE WOULD DO THIS TO MY PHONE they just gave it to me and said its water damaged and said give me 55 bucks cried all night that night

Kucing Kucing says:


Chicho Milian says:

I just opened my 1st one yay

JP jay says:

I water-damaged my I Phone X. it doesn´t boot anymore.
also recovery or software update doesn´t work.
I guess something on the logic board is damaged. can that be repaired?
I NEED the data.

mrsemifixit says:

What temp solder paste used for middle layer reball? Is it normal leaded 183c or low melt at 138c?

ISOHaven says:

When putting both layers back together how do you guarantee no two points wind up shorting out?

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