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How to FIX iPhone Speaker & SOUND problem – PROVEN

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Hi all, in this video you will get a full tutorial which includes 10 steps on how to fix the iPhone no sound and speaker issue. I have taken these steps from my blog which is http://iphonenosound.com/ . All of these steps have been successful so they are worth trying. Some reasons that you iPhone has no sound is that the docking port may be dirty or there may be some moisture in the iPhone if it was dropped in water.
The main symptoms of the iPhone sound problem include.
– iPhone will ring but speaker will not work for anything else.
– iPhone no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc
– iPhone no sound as stuck in headphone mode
If any of these solutions have worked for you or if you have your own then please share below 😀
sorry about the mic noise.


SuperViGamer says:

It’s really smart that you made this video with SOUND!

Daniel Lemus says:

lmfao!!! the very first tip was my problem.. THANK YOU LOL,

Kristy L. Parker says:

Thank you so much! I tried 10 different suggestions before I found this
video. The squeezing the bottom right corner is what worked for me. I would
have NEVER have thought of that.

Enkhod Shoovdor says:

Yes it worked. I pressed for 10 sec on that corner and sound back on.
Thanks very much 

Ricky Goodwin says:

Hey can someone type out what he is saying my phone doesn’t make sound it’s
an iPhone and it’s not muted it doesn’t even show me the sound option

onlyrye02 says:

squeezing the bottom right corner is what worked for me for iphone 6 plus..
thank you. :D

Jimmy Chu says:

My sound wouldn’t work with any apps, soundcloud, music app, snapchat.No
text sounds, but my ringtone would play, i tried the hard reset (home and
sleep button for 10 secs and that worked for me! 

Vishal Kalathil says:

the headphone jack solved my issue.. try playing a song and see with
headphones on and see if the music pauses when yu pull it out.. if it
doesnt yu can be sure its the headphone jack.. 

Jaidavirocks says:

Squeezing the phone actually worked

Steve Velasco says:

Thanks you it really worked

Joe Mthief says:

Can’t hear everything you said

amanda o connor says:

this is from a fall or bang i fixed my iphone never looked back. Nothing to
do with IOS update or docking mode watch > >>

adidassler says:

Guys guys guys here’s how I fixed it
I saw that it was saying headphones while I was pressing the volume buttons
so all I did was take a tooth pick and pick in the headphone jack there
were a lot of dust and stuff from my jacket so after some cleaning it was
all good and they are working like before! 

Waffle house says:

(2015) (SO HELPFUL)Guys even you spilled liquid on your phone this video
will help you! I dropped my 5c in a bucket of water and the screen said
headphones when i changed the volume cleaning the ports will fix this
problem twist a q tip or use a toothpick!

sopexa sofinious says:

i restarted iphone and 45 minutes it is restarting what to do and it isnt
moving yet what to do

Donna Braun says:

Squeezing the phone worked! Weirdness…

King Sparklez says:


clydesha younger says:

i just started having this sound problem-_-

Steve Harris says:

The squeeze in the right hand bottom corner really worked!!!!

Raajeev Gandhi says:

try this link louie k… it absolutely worked at a pin point.. i was also
facing the same sound problem for video recording. Now I got my full sound
on video back !!! And thanks for ur tips too.. please include this in ur
website too. its proven solution,
Check the link below


519CZRacer says:

Thank you so much for the tips. Sliding the small switch on the left side
did the trick for me. I have a rubber cover on my phone and didn’t know the
thing was even there!

qihao kang says:

Wow it really work for my 5s which is on headphone mode all the times

Andri Nugraha says:
HiLman Man says:

Step 6 really works for me !!! Thx dude ur awesome ..

BBKGamin says:

Subtitles lmao

Mark Chandulal says:

bee brown says:
iHackz Pro says:

I can’t believe I fell for the first one. Had the Orange button on

Louie K says:

Lumi's Glam Beauty Bakery says:


Bluezz Aura says:


heatha Pantaleo says:

Your video was a big help!! I tried everything to get it off headphone
mode, finally the Q-tip method fixed it. TY So much and in the future I
will remember all 10 steps if I need them again!! A+++

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