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How to Fix iPhone Sound Problems

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How to fix iPhone sound problems like the phone not ringing, no sound from the iPhone speaker and what to do when the iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. More: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2016/08/11/quick-fixes-for-iphone-sound-issues/


UnTacoMuyRico El Taco Esta Bueno says:

When i use my headphones i cant hear any voice or lyrics plz help

George's Marvelous Magic says:

When my headphones are in the sound just plays normal any advice plz ?

med elyaacoubi says:

I tried with a knife, tooth brush, cleaning the dock entirely by using a very thin tool… and it didn't works, till I used the dryer (between 10-20seconds), it worked just for one or two seconds, a few seconds later (sliding the volume bar right and left… without using the dryer) it worked till now without any problems
So it's something like a magic when you reach to fix it

just turn off your iphone and use the dryer

Danuta Moon says:

Thanks. But speaking so fast doesn't help plus the background music is pretty distracting. No need for it.

Harkim Ssenyonjo says:

Mine just worked, had to cleanse it using a paper amd blew off some dirt, thanks again

Michael Scott says:

It'd sure be nice if I could FUCKING HEAR IT

Lorraine Barr says:

Thank You!

Hacker Games says:

Um this is dumb…… how am i supposed to fix my sound when it has no words to read off of because obviously i cant hear sound on my phone

Philbert Burnett says:


Jennifer Dinh says:

None of this isn't working ???????????FML I guess I have to fix ittttt

Awesome SeanyBoy says:

The sound on my phone sounds distorted.

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