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How To FIX iPhone Not Showing Up In/On My Computer

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iphone not recognized on your computer? If your iphone/idevice is not showing up in “My Computer” “This PC” on your PC, this method might get it to show up like normal. Helpful Links/Videos Below.
How To Transfer Pictures/Videos From iPhone To Windows PC – https://youtu.be/vO_g9oeRbpI
How To Import Pictures/Videos From iPhone To Windows PC – https://youtu.be/2wURaL2yvpU
How To Get iPhone To Show Up Under Devices & Drives On Windows – https://youtu.be/CuJgHIipTvM
How To Transfer Pictures From Windows PC To iPhone 6 – https://youtu.be/6KEnRrp9SnA
How To Fix iPhone DCIM folder This Folder Is Empty – https://youtu.be/Rzsn-gAa8y4
How To Reset iPhone To Factory Original Settings – https://youtu.be/jyl5_0p7kts

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Blonde Person says:

Is this I dubbbz?😂

GlennMarshallRocks says:

Or you could try plugging iPhone into different USB port. That's what ended up working for me after every other "remedy" failed.

Sridip Das says:

You deserve a like bro.

brokenhalo22 says:

Pulling up my camera roll, and then plugging in my usb into my win7 laptop fixed the issue. Thanks for the suggestion!

Slick Games says:

cool vid but did anyone else think this guy sounds like vannoss

Henchman zzz says:

Man I got photos

Sheryar Khan says:

no not worked bro i have iphone 4

Wyatt Davis says:

mine doesn't show up in either

z3nkin says:

None worked.

z3nkin says:

My computer wont even charged my phone..

junygreg says:

thank i have wacht like 20 videos non of thim thit somthing like this so good job jamie keep it up

A Not So Good Channel says:

It didn't work for me… I tried every advice you gave, but my pc only charges the phone and, contrary to my itunes, never recognizes it…

davesax11 says:

Resetting the location worked like a charm. Thanx

dienes ledda says:

it dosnt work

Trusten Baker says:

So I have to have fucking itunes on my computer in order to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer?????

beatrice10731 says:

Thank you SOOO muchhhhh !!! This really helped !!!!

Joseph Pun says:

works like a charm…ipad air 2….thankx mate…

Austin A says:

my problem is the exact opposite. i see the phone in windows, but not itunes. wtffff

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