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How to Fix iPhone Ipad Stuck in Recovery mode loop after update [HD]

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►►►Read First◄◄◄ ALSO for jailbroken devices !

Hi in this Video i´ll Show you how to get out of a boot Loop ( recovery Loop fix). You dont Need to restore ( some People even cant restore cause they got the iTunes error 21)

this fix works for all i devices, iphone , ipod , ipad …

You just Need the tool redsnow



just follow the steps in the Video.


►►►Zuerst lesen◄◄◄

Hi leute in dem Video zeige ich euch wie ihr aus einer boot schleife (bzw recovery schleife ) herauskommt.

ihr braucht dazu nur redsnow und müsst nicht wiederherstellen. Manche von euch werden diese recovery schleife sowieso davon haben (Stichwort iTunes fehler)

Einfach den Video steps folgen, download für redsnow ist oben 🙂


danke fürs anschauen ! 😀

thanks for watching guys 🙂

Song is :

Fallgrapp – =adový Útes (Minor Rain remix)



phamtasticxd says:

still works on ipad2 v 6.1.3. If youre stuck on the rebooting screen,
Download Redsn0w V 9.1.3 for windows. I did it and it took it out of
booting right away. Awesome

Evie Procter says:

I have an iPad 2.. It’s got ios7 and it is saying it needs to be charged,
yet when I plug it in it goes onto the apple sign and then goes onto the
lock screen for less than a second.. Then just does it again.. Any tips on
how to fix it?

Stray Cat says:

Hahaha exactly F U Apple.
Thanks a lot brother, greeeeeatly appreciate it!!!

Nabeel jan says:

how do i see the version of my ipad 2 when its off. i need to know so i
download the correct redsnow version for the ipad. 

Cj Schmitz says:

Didn’t help. please what can i do? I’ve been trying to fix my ipad1 for a
year now.

Passang Tshering says:

It did Not work with my iPad 2.
How can I sue Apple?

LightningSweetharta says:

My friend’s laptop doesnt show her ipad in the device part help please

Adam Ace says:

Hmm… I ‘ll Give It A Try Wish It Works Ahh!!! Ma Poor IPod 5th Gen :(

Starzii -.-凸 says:

Jailbrake ? or not

Alfaqih abdullah says:

Lol he said fuck u apple at the of the video

Ben Thulborn - Graphic Design says:

it keeps turning its self off as im doing it

Samriddha Chowdhury says:

Thanx a lot…restored my ipad mini to 7.1.2….got scared like hell after
my ipad got stuck in d recovery mode

Jane Allison says:

Didn’t work. Now what? I still see the Itunes logo and usb cable on my
ipad 3

peter zafe says:


pink high says:

my iphone is still showing the itunes logo after I click recovery fix :(

Nikos Nick says:

hello .What song are we hearing ?
Thank you :)

melissa gomez says:

so i have an ipad 2 which never updated since 2012…the screen is
completely black and flickers on the edges any help?

InstagatorGames says:

+ITXtutor it worked but now my screen is black and when i tried to turn it
on the apple logo comes up and then the device just turn off

Kylee Rose says:

If I do that, will I lose my pictures?

Osvaldo Martinez says:

thx fool

ipodman505 says:

i love u (no homo)

stephanie morris says:

I’ve never downloaded jailbreak software or anything like that but the
recovery screen popped up while i was trying to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 8
and nothing was working! So i went out on a limb taking this videos advice
Redsn0w is legit and my phone is fine THANK YOUUUUUU!!! 

pedrommcp says:

Thanks man!!!! it just saved my life!!!

Viperz HQ says:

it does.nt show up when i plug it in hellllppppppp

Whodini Jonas says:

thanks bro . I did it and it worked 

chin sieng Yu says:

I cant see my device. what should i do? reply ASAP

kevin martinez says:

doesnt recognize my iphone 5c :c

Haris Kamil says:

works on iPad air. thanks!

Kristin G. says:

I’ve tried that several times and it goes directly back into recovery mode.

rochelimit's hangout says:

should i reinstall itunes for this?

joshua bruyere says:

OMG MAN I LOVE YOU 🙂 this worked sooo easily.

Jonae Collins says:

I give up. It won’t even let me download the red snow. My computer sees it
as a threat so won’t let me download it. I’ve tried everything. And apple
is closed because of the holiday. 

jeroen de boer says:

thank you so much…..followed step by step instructions in your video and
it worked just fine on my iPad 3.
I tried everything else but this was the only solution that worked.


Anne Schuermans says:


Wendy Li says:

it asks me if it wants me to protect my computer or not and there is some
kinds of treat? so which one do I choose? protect or just continue? if I
continue the treat will not be removed but if I protect it its not going to
let me download? pls help!!! I need my ipad tomorrow!!!! pls reply ASAP or
maybe I should just continue?

Simmmoess says:


Yami Yugi says:

its not working

boempa says:

lol when I press recovery fix, Redsn0w requires me to enter DFU mode, which
is impossible in the first place, major flaw!

88tm28 says:

My ipad2 is stuck and redsnow isn’t compatible…please help me

Alfie Doughty says:

I done that update and now my iPad don’t work :(

ms mushroom says:

is it okay if your gadget wasnt jailbreak? 

Mikey BlueEyes says:

I was following all the other instructions,tapping,begging the Ipad lol and
ran this simple program and two seconds it was fixed.Thanks alot..Anyone
can use this tool,got to know how to extract a file.Just click run and the
program will run itself easily.Click recovery fix and your done.

Katrusya Hamster says:

Thank you sooooo sooooo much. You literally saved my life. My iPad stuck on
recovery mode and I’ve been trying everything even changing my ‘hosts’ file
but it didn’t work. this did. Thank you again.

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