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How To Fix: iPhone, iPad, iPod Wont Turn On

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cαrrie2709 says:

Mines not working I have the ipod 5 pls help (no replies with apple store

MegaBlackk1d says:

what if your home button s broke?

Thomas Allison says:

My iPods still stuck on the apple startup screen and I’ve tried everything

Ernesto Dominguez says:

Thanks for this dude I was getting to worried about my device. Your a

aldo alba says:

Thanks u saved my iPod life

Halion says:

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much thank you

lee phan says:

u saved my life! i was scared bcz i jailbroke mine and..u know weird stuff
happens. lol

Rey Ceja says:

It really works 

Tammy Kowalczyk says:
Talia Harris says:

Thanks so much ! It just worked now my untie don’t have to kill me lol

Rappsie Rabbit says:

What if your iPod home button is broken and you can’t turn it on?

Trevor Rhine says:

thanks so much i thought i would have to buy another one.

Christian Maffei says:

Your awesome thanks

Gabe Boss says:

i love you bro

Keaton Dupere says:

thanks soo much

ItsMattyTyler says:

What if that doesn’t work?

Jordan walker says:

Thanks that worked greate

yennifer nunez says:

THANK YOU!!! OMG i love you..!

corey yoo says:

thank you!

go minic says:

thank you so much man im gonna sub for this video keep it up

Francisco Meras says:

This totally Works !

KingEgecanHD says:

thanks brother

Ricky Mendoza says:

Dude I need help my iPod 5 will not turn on… I’ve tried your steps over
and over and will not turn on :(

spurs_fo_life219 says:

thank you very much bro!

Brianna Dumont says:

Tha you soooooo much thank u thank u thank u I wad getting so worried 

homie abbey says:

This was helpful

Claire Roembke says:

thanks so much! i thought for sure my phone was doomed..lol 

charlotte Thompson says:

thanks that really helped

Ripper Gaming says:

How Do U Feel? U Just Saved My Life :)Thx

Jorge amaro says:

Thank u very much

Cesario Garcia says:

Thanks dude, i got really scared but your vid helped :)

Mackman Adventures says:

You saved my life thank you so much

Anthony Sanchez says:

Thanks kid your a life saver 

8JAKE8 says:


TBS! says:

thnx man you helped me allot!!

Shahnila Shaikh says:

Thank you soooo much It works! thanks for the information!

Karimee Tello says:

Omg thank you so much pure genius !!!!!

Plasma Dragonz says:

thank you soooo much

xxmynameispikachuxx says:

Thanks this helped sooo much !!

Caden Mascorro says:

You saved my life!! Thank you

Gavyn Edelman says:

Thank you so much

Kate Gonzalez says:

Thanks so much for helping men

Stephen Guardino says:

Thank you soooooo much!

Fatima Gelani says:

What do you do when your home button does not work?

CaptainCutie7626 says:

Or you could charge it!!

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