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How to Fix iPhone / iPad in Recovery Mode / White Screen / Black Screen / Bootloop

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▶ MyFone iOS System Recovery: https://goo.gl/WB7Rje

In today’s video, we’re going to take a look at iMyFone’s iOS System Recovery tool, which helps you fix various serious iOS errors. One of the best features of the tool is something that should have been implemented in iTunes years ago, yet iTunes still lacks it: the ability to kick a device out of Recovery Mode.

In fact, iTunes is kinda deceptive, since when a device is connected in Recovery Mode, iTunes tells the user that the device has a problem and has to be updated to the latest version or restored. That is not accurate all the time, since you can put the iPhone in Recovery Mode purposefully, using the key combination, and that doesn’t brick the device. iTunes doesn’t provide any way to kick the device out of Recovery Mode, even if it was you the one who put it in that mode, and not a severe iOS error.

Aside from the ability to kick the iPhone or iPad out of the Recovery Mode, iMyFone’s tool is also able to fix more severe problems, such as the iPhone or iPad being stuck in a bootloop, white screen, black screen, stuck in DFU mode, stuck on the spinning wheel, blue screen of death, etc. It has two options you can try in order to fix these. The first option is a standard one which will attempt to save your data from being removed from the device while fixing the problems. This will still update the phone to the latest version. The second one, dubbed “Advanced” will guarantee the fix for a severe software-related problem on your iDevice, but will not spare your data. Your device will still be updated to the latest version.

Note: This tool will not help you to stay on the same iOS version if you wanna fix a bootloop caused by a faulty Jailbreak tweak. Don’t use this tool to fix the bootloop unless you agree with the fact that the iOS version will be updated with the latest available!

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