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How to fix iPhone 6’s protruding camera

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Making a good design better.
…with a grinding machine.
grinding starts @ [1:59]

got a bit frustrated with the camera sticking out; and now it sits flat on a table.


thank you:)

*This was done by a professional; do not try this at home.


Taylor says:

Iphone 6 is just another useless and over priced Apple device….yet again.

impactofredemption says:

Thanks for the short tutorial on how to ruin an over priced Samsung Galaxy
rip off.. You have some serious issues bro. Did you know that 70% of the
world lives on less than $2 a day? Instead of destroying a $900 phone how
about you give that money to someone who needs it?

Kizzume Fowler says:

So, let me get this right:

The iPhone6 has a nonstandard resolution that’s only *close* to 720p (so
everything is either slightly upscaled or severely downscaled when it comes
to video playback–no current video formats actually match the screen
resolution so it’s either blurry or you can see “undefined lines” or
strange pixels in the downscale converting process), it still has a
non-user-serviceable battery, Apple still requires apps to be kid-friendly
on the surface, you still have to use iTunes to transfer files, and the
silly designers of this phone didn’t bother to put something on the other
side of the top to make it symmetrical–or they could have done something
innovative with 3D or something by having a second camera on the other
side, even if it’s just some sort of sensing device, or something that
allows one to do the lens blur effect on pictures easier, or *something*,
but no, the company known for beautiful, sleek, efficient and utilitarian
designs, has made something you can’t even use on a table.


I’m just not a fan of Apple, honestly. Google has their own problems,
without a doubt, and Microsoft has issues too, but this design is truly
laughable from a company that prides itself in its designs.

Can’t even use it on a flat surface! LOL Hilarious! Without Steve Jobs,
Apple just isn’t going to do as well…. though…. I do remember how much
of an Amiga fanboi I was in the mid 90s. When it was WAAAAAAAY past
obvious that Commodore was toast, I was still saying “The Amiga is still
the best and it can still make it! People need to just listen!” and all
that crap, so I KNOW very well about being a fanboi. Very, very very well.

Who knows what will happen. But this video made me laugh out loud.

The Doctor says:

I have something that looks just like that, but is sexier, faster, and has
features 18 versions advanced of the iPhone 6. What is it called? The
iPhone 7? 8? Nope, how about every other fucking smart phone out there.
They’re all better than an iPhone, tools.

zarithevill says:

If the Iphone was made by the same company with same technologies and specs
in another country like Mexico it won’t be this famous but because it was
made in the USA people are buying. The specs are worst than Samsung S3, S4
and S5, the camera is crap and it’s overpriced. People are succumbed into
the USA culture.

mobiFlip.de says:

Genervt vom Kameraring des iPhone 6?

Limon Juice says:

When you put a phone cover on it then the camera lens will be flat and you
won’t notice the buldge. That’s the whole point. You get better images is
the lens was a bit bigger so why make it flat when people are just going to
put a cover over the phone anyways. Nobody is going to use the phone

3sc4peTHEf4te says:

Ummmm ok… Who the fuck doesn’t put a case on a phone? 

Okemicco says:

Anything manufactured by the Ching Chong Chi-comms is going to be

Lukáš Václavík says:

Někomu se opravdu hodně nelíbila vystouplá čočka iPhonu 6, a tak to spravil
bruskou. 🙂

Ne fakt, těm kurvičům, co musí všechny telefony ohýbat, házet s nimi o zem,
střílet do nich tankem apod. bych přál, aby jim jednou na to video prostě
nikdo nekoukal. Bez milionů zhlédnutí na YouTube by se jim zničené
přístroje nezaplatily a byl by klid. A to nejsem škodolibý, ale ta videa
jsou stejně úplně k ničemu.


Как исправить выступающую камеру в айфоне 6

Zoltán Rittinger says:

Hátha van aki még nem látta. 😀
#iphone6 #cameragate 

Mp57navy says:

For the price of this fashion statement I can buy a decent Camera (Canon 7d
18MP, FHD video, 8 FPS burst) and a smartphone.

Plaisio says:

Προεξέχει λίγο η κάμερα του νέου iPhone 6; Κανένα πρόβλημα!

#Plaisio #Πλαίσιο #hack #iPhone6 #camera

Gerhard Torges says:

*Fixed. ;-)*

cc +Michael Kukat 

Yuriy Bihanskyy says:

Цікаво – це фейк, чи отой виступ камери направду не потрібний?

Bill Ramseyer says:

#lol How to fix iphone 6’s protruding camera: http://youtu.be/WKd6gT3Kz10


Jamie Milbourne says:

One of the things I hate about the new iPhones is that Apple had to settle
with a protruding camera just so they could make the phone even thinner. I
don’t think anyone would have cared if the phone was a millimetre thicker!

Stephen Postlethwaite says:

So you don’t like the fact the iPhone 6 camera sticks out like an ugly wart
on the back of the phone? Well here is a fix for you, a little extreme I
agree, but no more rocking on uneven surfaces lol

Rodrigo Freijanes says:

I do love Note 3, but I hate it too. 

A Holm says:

Now do that to Samsung and Nokia’s protruding cameras also. 

Michael B. says:

Manche Leute haben einfach zu viel Geld…

Greg Hesp says:

Lets fix that iPhone 6 camera bulge..

Tony McAfee says:

While everyone is wrapped up with #bendgate the fellas over here at MCOJ
are still looking for ways to solve the real travesty of the #iphone6
This is one idea.

Olivér Molnár says:

*Zavar az iPhone 6 kitüremkedő kamerája?*

Természetesen a leghatékonyabb módszert ennek az orvoslására, kis
országunkban találták meg! XD

*Még mindig nem bírom ép ésszel felfogni, hogy ez valójában miért jó a
videó készítőinek?! Feltételezem, hogy nem keveset álltak sorba érte, és
nem utolsó sorban nem keveset fizettek ezért a készülékért.*

iPiiZiiZ says:

HowToBasic – Eggs = this

DHammerr says:

1:50 what building is that in the background? I DEMAND AN ANSWER !!!

Fittest224 says:

Fuck iPhone shit hasn’t changed since I got my first one in 2008 i believe
lol pos company and there’s lines for it apple knows how to put people to

Michele Lagorio says:

És még mindig

rafisofyan says:

now my question is does it still work?

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