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How to fix iPhone 6 front camera, proximity sensor, blue screen, and more

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Many iPhone 6 problems are caused by damage to the front facing camera flex cable. This video demonstrated how to replace the component.


Jesus Medina says:

I don't know what happen with my camera is not in the right place. I tried to move it and move it but never fit well. what can I do?

Auss36 says:

Is it possible to mount the front facing camera without the rubber bracket? (In this case it is lost)

Dan1738 says:

can i transfer just the camera to a new flex

AllGrindNoSleep says:

Would replacing the whole cable will fix my front facing camera and earspeaker ?

Zoi Photography says:

best tutorial ever! All details, tips high quality and nice speech and important no music on background is very important to focus on the work … Thank you!

J Palma says:

Hey quick question I had to clean the speaker from the inside from dust and paint and I did everything you did but now my proximity sensor is not working everything else works fine except that would you what the problem would be. Thanks

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