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How to fix iPhone 6 and iOS 8 battery life problems!

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iOS 8 is here for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available now for everyone, and while they provide more features and functionality than ever before, updating to new software and upgrading to new phones can often have an impact on battery life. Whether it’s from a restore gone bad or new features overloaded for the first time, some people don’t aren’t getting the same charge out of their new iOS install or iPhone purchase as they used. But worry not! Almost all battery life problems are easy to identify and fix. You just need to know what to look for and what to do!

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owen hanratty says:

My Phone’s Went down 2% percent in just One second 

Jun Xue says:

By “if it changes radically” how many percentage is that ?

AL- A says:

No! My iPhone starts off with 100% battery and it will go dead at 74% idk
why it’s so annoying I need help please! :(

JerTheGeek says:

I think i may have to do a full restore. Sigh.

godfatherNYC says:

I’ve changed my comment. It seems this might be the best advice on Battery

Moto Man says:

что за блядское моргание? 

Roy Stevenson says:

Hmm fuck android , and fuck all the APPLE haters

Steven Santiago says:

The battery still sucks I believe

TheSenseiwong15 says:

Why does one have to make any compromise buying a device. Battery life,
dead pixels , etc why are we so content on buying sub standard devices that
have not been rigorously tested are we that desperate to own products truly
we are sheep when the your Shepard calls the flick in. Pathetic to even
share your money with these companies who ever they maybe.

Tier-in O'hara says:
abdirizak yaqub says:


Aburifath A says:

Super iPhone the best 

Robert Alba says:

Just for your knowledge, holding the home button and the power performs a
soft reset (basically a system restart), not a hard reset (which is wiping
the device and starting from scratch).

Aburifath A says:

The bast

Colt Gangsta says:

Best solution, get an Android phone like a Galaxy S5.

sigel81 says:

every fucking time you buy an iphone knowing you gotta go through that shit
every fucking time. because that’s how bad iphone battery life is. if you
want good battery life, never get the iphone

nismofury says:

The best way to get better battery life is to buy a Samsung Galaxy. Android
is way more customizable.

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