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How To Fix: iPhone 6 & 7 Not Charging Properly – Loose Connection

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If your iPhone 5 or 6 or the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus isn’t charging very well with the lightning cable or a dock charger. It may be because it has a load of pocket lint and fluff compacted in the charging socket of your phone.

This happened to me a while back.. this simple solution saved me a trip to Apple for a repair.

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LM45 says:

if you get the lint out and it still wont charge turn the phone off and back on then plug in the charger. i had to restart the phone for the charger to work the first time after cleaning.

David Kenny says:

Whoooa you are the best. I would never thought of that in a million years. So obvious. I got enough out to make a mattress.

D Cunt says:

I love u man thank you somuch

Triggerwoods1 says:

Yep read the comments this works , big thumbs up 👍

Xsjado Samurai says:

Mate thankyou!!!! I've been ready to throwing my phone off a bridge, works perfect now 🤙🏻

Oluwadare Bankole says:

God bless your heart. I was so worried about what was happening I was worried I would have to buy a whole new phone

Erskain - says:

Thank you so much bro I thought my charger port was gonna end up broken in bit, cuz I had just bought a new charger and it wasn't working

Phillip Reina says:

Yes ! Thanks man

skbattu7 says:

Awesome; my phone is working now. I thought buying new Iphone. You Saved me 🙂

Charlie Gascon says:

It ACTUALLY worked! Thank you so much!

Rob Franzoni says:

Only video online that actually solved my problem. Thanks man !

Just Ali says:

Man if i see you i would kiss you from your head like thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Angelikie Huggins says:

Thank this really help me and my family

Yahya Alsalem says:

It works great thanks to u

Mayur Kudalkar says:

Thank you so much!! I was frustrated for so many days coz the charging cable kept coming out of the socket. I followed your video and now no more problem while charging 🙂

david hignett says:

Good Man!!

Was thinking I need to buy a new iPhone and Boom! Pulled a load of fluff out of the charging port and now working like a charm! 😎

PM Accelerated Learning says:

Well that was easy. Thanks My lint ball was the size of a BB.

Fiddler EDM says:

Thank you so much! This video helped me to fix the lightning port and now works like a charm!

John Maughan says:

Brilliant thank you

daniel mikusky says:

Thank you so much!

CosmicDamian says:

Give that man a ceeegar! Thank you so very much, the tip worked perfectly.

Pramod Sreenivasan says:

Thanks a ton! saved me a trip to the service centre! Haha!

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