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How to fix forgotten password on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

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How to fix your iPod, iPhone, or iPad if you have forgot the lockscreen password or its been locked.


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gina james says:

My iPod is fixed! Thanks!!! 

Diamond Apple says:

thanks man I finally got my Ipod back in like a year since I was grounded
lol but forgot my password

Abby Flis says:

Thank you so much!!!

Jacqueline Ramirez says:

Are you Scottish?

Zoom Ultra Tv says:

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Kidlentz says:

does it work for 5 gen

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Sarah Sankarsingh says:

Would I lose all my music and videos after I restore

Gabby C says:

This helped me out sooo much! thank you! i was locked out of my ipod for 22
million minutes and i was freaking out!

Gabby P. says:

Is there other way round for not reset? Because I don’t want my photos to
be gone… :(

Vincent Gaming says:

This really helped me to unlock my 3yrs old(yep) ipod touch 2g! I was
looking for this for MOUTHS! 

purplepigs53 says:

my friend had that problem with her ipod but she left it here and moved to
Idaho. wish she saw this video. :(

charles capacete says:

congratz bro you have 1000 likes!

Sadrilynn Tiger says:

this video is horribleeee

XxevexX says:

Mine didn’t take that long at all thank you so much ! X

JayShots | #1 Spot For NBA 2K15 News! says:

how about if your button is broken….

Zoom Ultra Tv says:

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jeanet villegas says:

Will this work for IPad 3? someone is selling me theirs for 70, just
passcode locked. Should I buy it? Will I be able to do this

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