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How to Fix (Forgot Passcode) Disabled iPhone / iPad iOS8 or iOS7

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STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to restore a disabled iPhone/iPad. Works for iOS8 and iOS7 + more. Keep in mind, if your iPhone/iPad has an iCloud account logged in, you will be asked to enter password after completing this video.


DiamondGamer7989 says:

does it erase the games and pictures ????

Crazymrmario says:

Ha ha! worked all the other tutorials were crap this one was actually
descriptive and really showed how. Thnx!

Hafsa Mika says:

ITunes says can’t connect because it needs a passcode but it’s disabled so
obv I can’t enter my pass! Also the software is updating twice I.e there
are two simultaneous downloads, both the same. I think because the first
time I did it iTunes didn’t open up so I did everything again. So I stopped
one of them is that okay?!

Grace Liu says:

does this only work on a macbook?

Katie Chandler says:

This actually works thank you!

Petr Davisko says:

It says that it need internet conection to update the software

Amer Kanj says:

So what if I have photos and apps that I still want to have on the iPad,
will i be able to recover all those if i wanted to after the recovery?

Judit Rodriguez says:

My ipad doesn’t what to restore it says that an arror ocurre (3194) what
can I do

tgif wowie says:

Does this Restore thing renew your ipad ? all of the apps you downloaded
we’ll be deleted?

worldwidelengend says:

do yo need to put the apple address you made your account with?

Lucas Mamei says:

I just get a message saying,iPad is disabled,connect to ITunes,but i cant
turn it off. Either when it asks me to respond on my ipad i cant cause i
cant unlock it. 

jessica gyimah says:

how do u go to itunes do u write http://www.itunes.com?

suhila elabbar says:

how can I undisable my ipad but keep everything on it?!?!?!?

Kamsam108 says:

Thanks Man :D

Michelle Metoo says:

How long does it take to update software?

AntonioGaming says:

Thank you!! This tutorial actually helped unlike all the other ones.
Finally a channel I can rely on!!

BoB Baxer says:

why does not work for me it says: can’t find my device but it loadings 50%

Ishy_Fishy132 says:

I haven’t tried this yet but I really hope it works my IPad is disabled for
a million minutes! MILLION! So hopefully this works I’d b extremely

Brad Pite says:

this men said its done that never done because watch itune have password
incloud and never be done to start from english to open icloud password
stay in motherboard that ipad have 2password 1= in password in the windows
its easy to remove but bad way its cant remove chip location PIN LOCK from
LOGIC BOARD only if you remove icloud password now its ? RIGHT WAY
iPad Model A1454
On the iPad Model A1454 remove the resistor r1204 and make jumper on place
of r1205. On the Model A1455 (MM) delete resistors r1204, r1205 and make
jumper on place of r1205.
iPad will enter DFU mode.
Connect the tablet to your PC or Mac.
After that you need to restore the tablet through iTunes with firmware of
Wi-Fi model and activate using the official method.

Rich Colantuono says:

what if your ipad doesnt connect to itunes

Denice Lapointe says:

Apple wanted to charge us 29.95 you were awesome!

nicole hernandez says:

Thank u so much. You helped me. Apple wanted to charge me $30 to disable
this iPad. And I know nothing about electronics. Thanks again. God Bless!

Francisco Pogi says:

Help i have a problem it says that “Ipad could not be restored” and it is
now stuck at the apple logo with the little bar at the bottom. help me
plssss sir

TheAsianFarmerBoy says:

thx you helped me a lot on this

Rachel Henderson says:

Thank you so much! This worked and I did not lose anything!

Alex Fung says:

TYSM man, keep up the goodwork

Snacku says:

my ipad exited recovery mode during the update and restore while the
download is happening. is it okay that it does this?

supervideo65 says:

Does this work in windows because i dont have mac?!!! please help 

vickiscott444 says:

I have tried this and half way through it is telling me you must enter your
passcode on the ipad before you can use it with iTunes (I am using her
apple computer as well to try this-didn’t know if that mattered). Would
this mean that the ipad is maybe associated with a cloud account and it
could be disabled there? I am trying to enable this ipad for my daughters
teacher who had a student disable it and she was not aware of any passwords
herself. Someone set this up for them last year and she is not tech smart
and not a good historian so I am trouble shooting this cluelessly.

ealingbroadway2000 says:

Absolutely delighted, was stressing out with this Disabled Connect to
Itunes, this worked perfect.
Good Man Cheers

Emmilie Melendez says:

Thank you!! Ur the only tutorial that actually worked!! 

nurseskip says:

This worked great! thank you for the info — apparently the cover on my
iPad keeps knocking against my screen while in my backpack, so it thinks
someone is continually entering the wrong passcode. Now i’ll be turning it
completely off so I don’t have to go thru this again.

unal991 says:

So after updating instead of restore its still locked

Francisco Cast rejoin says:

Bobby young how u forgot my password 

Kenny Arias says:

Idk of it works

bobby young says:

i found a way to restore and get past the apple ipad mini 3’s password if u
forget or get one at an auction and it is password locked, I found the way,
message me.

Royal Civil Madhan Raj says:
Zamil Akhtar says:

thanks man you r a boss u helped my nagging sister

Olivia Ward says:

Thank you for this video, my little brother changed the password on my iPad
because he was angry with me. I thought that there was no way to restore my
iPad but now its fixed! Thank you so much (Damn it little brother) xD

Slovan123 says:


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