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How to fix flickering iPad 2 LCD without replacing LCD (Gadget Mechanix) repair tip

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Have LCD issues with your iPad 2? Before you replace that LCD, watch this video to find out an easy way to fix it without parts,

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DTech Saga says:

why are u whispering. your English is fine so have confidence n stop being insecure..

Jazzero J-Rod says:

This does work but you can just slap the back of the ipad 2

MR. One Off says:

Stop whispering nigga

artcl artcl says:

Should have shown how to open the ipad.

FLYBOY805 says:

Good video! +1

Jalen Burroughs says:

hey bro text me m ipad is fucked up!!!!! literally text my gmail +Who g0lden

john walter says:

is this applicable to IPAD MINI????thank u

Mike Erickson says:

Great video sir. But why are you whispering?

Ambiguous AJ says:

Hey this is not my iphone its my broters. Can you help me fix my ipad it gone super blury


my iphone 5c flickering and it automatically truns off

Esa Hasan says:

hello… i have a samsung note N7000 which display shows so many light yellow lines like first picture (not red lines) and my display is still operational… is this technique will help me fix the problem…??

King Redfu says:

The intro is really messed up

electronic Llex says:

yes banging worked

Amber Olmos says:

hi i have 2 iphone 4 blinking how to fix this

careyeOhkey says:

FIXED! It was indeed a bad connection! ??

Sue Fitzhugh says:

I had such high hopes for this fix. My iPad 2 screen had lines going down 1/3 of the right side (always same area even when screen orientation changed). The icons worked that were below the lines and I could see them when I changed orientation. I cracked my digitizer when trying to remove but after replacing it, I added the electrical tape as in the video and the lines are exactly the same. I tried redoing the tape many times and nothing seems to work. I'm guessing that means I either need a new LCD or wire. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

123mickpick says:

Ha thx so much it actually worked

ViicKPlayz ViicK TriicK says:

My screen is glitch ting

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