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How to: Fix Error 1015 iPhone 3G/3GS STUCK IN RECOVERY MODE 4.2.1-4.3.X STEP BY STEP!

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In this video, I will teach you how to fix your Apple iPhone 3GS which is stuck in recovery mode, error 1015 when you’re downgrading to a 4.3.X or 4.2.1 version.
*************If you are on ios4.3.4/4.3.5 then this video will NOT work for you and your iPhone may just boot back into recovery – instead, watch the video I linked below:


TheTrohl says:

Doesn’t work for me, either. My iphone goes into DFU, or at least I assume
that it does because the screen goes black, but nothing happens with

Anthony Cange says:

I have a iPhone 3GS it was working fine all of sudden the screen went black
doesn’t charge or anything can you help me please

Sherry Itaou says:

Did all of them, but when I FINALLY got my Iphone into DFU mode, the
Recovery Exe says ‘error’, plus the Itunes window just *woosh* and it
disappears along with the recovery one..please, PLEASE, help!!

Tiger Lilly says:

ze ble what!???

RelapseVideosHD says:

@iHelp I did exactly as told on the DFU mode, I got to the DFU mode but
insted of the fixrecovery43 doing as it did in your video it just
dissapears, I opened it again and it closes itself down. I did everything
in properties as told and I have the .dll file with the fixrecovery both
together.. Any suggestions?

Jay Abdula says:

same here saw that thing to but nothing happened cant even connect to my

ronak hingarh says:

audio sux! 

Sasha Rous says:

its not working doing it now pls help

Iqbal Ainur Muhammad says:

my iphone 3 can’t go to DFU Mode, i tried to push the button at the same
time but when it restart the screen won’t go off but still in the picture
of USB and the i tunes what’s wrong with my i phone, why it can go to DFU
Mode -__-

Sakura Matoba says:

my iPhone refused to go on..

ZIA Hasan says:

hey i tried the same procedure. initially it worked bt aftr all the
encrytions it says Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!!
Giving up…..please help….

Crow B says:

I tried downloading this, unblocked it when i went into properties etc did
what it shows and then i go to open it and it says “The program can’t start
because zlib1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the
program to fix this problem.


XtremeFLoW25 says:

my screen went white

Dakshin George says:

help,my phones not going into dfu

mervin reyes says:

will you please help me my iphone 4s stuck in itunes mode from blinking
apple logo then i tried to restore it but it turns black while in restoring
process and nothing happens. i spend a lot of time of searching to fix my
iphone. i hope you are the one who can really help me. thanks in advance
bro :)

Kristians Abolins says:

i have not that line in the middle of the screen, what should i do???

Jasmine Cardenas says:

my phone is stuck on recovery mode i’ve tried everything to take it out
including restoring and it won’t restore itunes keeps giving me an
error..i’ve tried reiboot tiny umbrella and redsnow.. none of these
programs seem to work on my computer i need help!! anyone?

Ponas Narutas says:

dont work..

NaTsU DrAgNeEl says:

What exactly happens? LOL you said to all the users

XIRIK says:

does not work i have tryed every thing but its dont work :(

Lee Rickter says:

not working for me either

smf smf reaL says:

not works

Elf the Wiz says:

It says that my SIM card is not supported, I have AT&T

megupets says:


Play2Play says:

PLS Help it´s doesn´t work for me . I cant go in to the DFU Mode pls help

david power says:

hey bro u forgot to upload the lousy zlib.dll spo why u make useless
tutorial that only make us waste time if u do something do it complete its
annoying I was following u and there is no zlib.dll file ????????

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