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How to Fix Disabled iPad / iPhone – Using a Windows computer (This works for iPad or iPhone)

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If you own an iPad and have forgotten your Passcode, this video will show you how to restore it to factory settings. This will involve installing iTunes on a Windows computer. I have tried several methods but it works every time when I use this method.

Warning – This will remove all data from your device.

For an iPhone name the folder to iPhone Software Updates

If your iPhone/iPad has an iCloud account logged in, you will be asked to enter password after completing this video.


Trob Haser says:

When i open "AppData" , there isn't the "Apple Computer" folder.What should i do?

Tyler Stevenson says:

Hi can you pls help I can't find the apple computer folder

Banozir ahamed says:

i cant find Apple computer my users and roaming

Jashanpreet Kaur says:

i can't find the users folder

Logan raider says:

i don't have organize option on my computer.where do i look?

Romeo Solsona says:

when i open it the pascode just dissabired

Ryan Prince Charming says:

Is internet needed while restoring software?

Mallory Rush says:

Hey, is my IPad supposed to turn itself on while its being restored and updated?

rafique ahmed says:

thank you I manage to open my passcode

The Boss says:

thank u
so muchhh

Terence Thomas says:

Great video…….Thanx 😉

Randolf Osorio says:

Sir pls help me my ipad still not working but in your video same what i did to my ipad but still not working i dont know what happen pls help me,.my ipad us ipad air

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