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How to Fix Cracked LCD Screen on Dell Inspiron Laptop

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We replace the LCD screen on a Dell Inspiron laptop with a brand new one. The customer cracked her screen an now we get to fix it. This is a very detailed instructional video so be prepared for that.

Warning: If this is your first time doing this procedure, only do this on your own machine

Laptop Screen Replacement Buying Advice:

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Apoc Cöde says:

You want to say how to REPLACE Cracked LCD Screen , not how to FIX IT!

Yonn Lopez says:

I had an alien appear on mine, lol … Hey quick question I boot with a VGA
monitor, but I wanna get into the bios of the laptop and the fn+monitor
combo dosent work on this HP DV7 it does on my older Dell Inspiron 1464,
but not on this one, any suggestions???

Brian John Bethune says:

big help, cheers

David Smith says:

you may have just saved my life I just cracked my daughters screen

Mark Mahecha says:

how much was the screen? please. thank you

Ginger Benson says:

Great video. I am going to replace a screen, and I kept holding out hoping
you would give an estimation of a new replacement screen. Was just curious
ahead of time. Thanks

Karthik C says:

nice video very helpful :)

wav3master says:

Hello i have The Same Laptop SRS PREMIUM SOUND

i5 17 inches

i’ve cleaned.. my screen with the spray i clean my sunglasses : P hahahais
that right?

Well & now.. my DELL ITS CLEAn.. but… i see a little.. black.. —–> –
<---- exactlt that ... What can i do?? Its exactly where i chaT... and i dont know what to do... thanks 4 your time hope u help me soon.... W8ting 4 your answer CHEERS FROM ANCIENT GREECE


Great video , but could you make a video on a Dell Inspiron B130 screen

remitablechair says:

Very clear instructions, My screen has gone white after a water spill. Have
you encountered this before.? Thanks Dave 

ashgo208 says:

I have a touchscreen by Dell and it won’t work at all now. I have only had
it for about a 8 months and it was brand new from the store. Do you have
any suggestions to what might be the problem?

paul deavin says:

thank you this will save me from the rip off repair man,

Kendall Augsute says:

Is there anything else I can use instead of a pick cause I dont have one.

Patcharee Siriboonrod says:

Nope I cracked my hole screen I got too mad on roblox I smashed my laptop

NestaR Daniel says:

Will this word for a Hp pro book laptop

xXchazLegendXx says:

So… How do you do this with an AlienWare17?

Sherese Booker says:

Beautifully done!! Thank you so much for this video!! You just saved me
$258 because Dell doesn’t cover this in the warranty if you purchase THEIR
PRODUCT from a third party….UNBELIEVABLE that you have to buy direct to
get this covered!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

Jjroe123 says:

Thank you sooooo much!

josh harding says:

that pc’s bad. mines kinda broke. 

TheAmaa says:

Can I do the same way for HP laptop?

Zandra Ortivez says:

I have this thick, giant white line in the middle of my screen, does this
mean it is cracked?

SonataEternus says:

Do I need to remove the battery first? Or will it matter, since my battery
is internal, and its fried, anyway? I have to replace the LCD screen and
battery on my Inspiron 14z 5423. The battery is again, internal, for this
model, and I fried my motherboard and had to replace it, only to find the
battery shorted out, too (I did learn my lesson about coffee!), I have a
few weeks left of this semester of college and I was hoping I could get
away with replacing the screen, first, as the tiny fanned crack in my lower
right corner seems to have spread into a diagonal hairline fracture across
the middle.

Jose Rivera says:

Too bad I’m only eleven years old and can do nothing about my moms laptop
“I” broke

yolo Vang says:

I dont know what’s wrong with mines but it turns on but the screen won’t
lite up PlZzZZZZ tell me what’s WRONG plus the fans goes really fast as
soon as you turn it on

I Appreciate It says:

My screen just broke today. It is completely white, with black blobs on the
bottom right. You can’t see anything. Do I follow the same procedure as

Sara Martinez says:

Thanks for sharing!! Great tutorial!! Question, just got a brand new laptop
Dell Inspiron, just came out recently. Unfortunately, I cracked the screen
by simply pressing really hard on the corner of it. I called Dell and they
want to repair it and charge half of what the computer cost. Now, I called
and researched and one around me has the screen because it is not
universal. Where can I find a screen for this type of laptop?? Appreciate
your feed back :]

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