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How to fix computer when monitor reads no signal and everything works

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i show you what you have to do to fix the computer when the monitor shows nothing cause it says theres no signal,

you have to remove all the ram and make sure you push the clips out away from the ram so the ram can come out easily and then put it back into the motherboard and make sure it clips in and is in all the way you have to press a little hard onto it but be careful though


Leo Puttonen says:

Hope this works i bought a 1300$ pc and it sed “NO SIGNAL” i Will be so
thankfull IF it work 

thejoedude thefirejoe says:

I installed more ram and a new heatsink in my pc yesterday and everything
turned on but i got no signal, im going to try this soon and i will reply
soon if it fixed my problem, if not i need help 

Random Guy says:

Hey Guys, i have a little problem and hopefully somebody can help me. I
watched the Video because my Monitor says “No Signal”. So you said in your
Video that i should clean my RAM with a t Shirt or something else. After
that I had put the RAM´s back in the Slots. I turned on my PC and I
suddenly heard some beeping noises. I think 3x Long and after 5sec 3x Long
beeps again, and so on. Maybe somebody can help me and hopefully you can
read this cause I am not from the US 😉 Sorry for my bad english

josh archer says:

it worked for 5 seconds then stopped

George Afantitis says:

It worked for me WOW thanks a lot you save me!!!!

Ryan Pattison says:

Says no dvi signal but hdmi works and i tried to unplug my ram but still
no work -_-

Devesh Singh says:

What if everything works good .. and when you run a game for about 10
minutes or so.. Everything stops monitor shows no signal but cpu is still
running and speakers make weird noise like wheinnnnnnnnn…. And when you
restart the pc … everything works fine until you run a game :/

Joshua McWilliams says:

I really hope this works cause I built my computer in a different place
than where I have my setup but when it got moved it wasn’t working so I’m
gonna try this later today. Hope for the best!

flutterheart says:

Thanks for your video! I’m going to try this out.

Paul Manavalan says:
chazconklin23 says:

Can someone help me out? My pc starts up and the monitor shows the start up
screen for about a minute to 2 minute tops then it shows nothing. also the
Mouse and Keyboard don’t power up, when i plug in the mouse the bottom
light flashes red instead of constantly staying red. HELPPP

Procrastinator Tim says:

Worked for me. Thanks so much, man!

David Villavicencio says:

Thank you very much for sharing this video. I am no computer expert (not
even close) but this fixed my problem right away. Again….THANK YOU!!!!

Gravitron says:

you have the same computer

Frank Matthews says:

Wow I did not no that was going to work I thought it was a joke and I tried
it and it worked. Thanks dude I guess I was the joke. Lol

Helldome HD says:

Sir i did same as you sayed… but it dont work to me…
any other idea why still doesnt work?

Kimberlyg052091 says:

I have the same prob. It says no signal detected. I removed the ram, clean
it with a pencil eraser then i put it back, and it still says no signal.
What do i do.

Itz Tee says:

Fucking love you.

I’ma fuck yo’ ass.

Jonaid Noor says:

Hey, I have the same problem. All are working.. on-board vga, but when I
plugged-in my vga to graphics card, all are working and I can hear the
windows starting sound, but the monitor is NO SIGNAL. How I can fix this?
My graphics card is sparkle geforce 210.

Wyatt Mazyck says:

I feel dumb it said if all things are attached….I looked in the back of
the computer and connected a wire that wasn’t attached and the shit turned
on smh. I need my ass whupped

Jeffry Diaz says:

man, i’m just in the same Situation like u. i bought my self a new graphix
card. i put it in and nothing worked. i tried everything, like u in the
video but nothing worked. i bought a New ram with my graphix card, 8gb ddr3
1600mhz. nothing.

nicky li says:

Thank so much. I fixed my computer

gamezombie says:

Thanks so much

Mitchell Jones says:

I hope that this will work for me, because i installed the drivers for the
nvidia card, but before that i took it out, after putting it back in my
monitor didnt get any signal, and i hear 4 beeps also, so i think my gpu is
broke.. and it isnt even my computer its one i had to re install new
windows on and after installing the drivers it happend

Imma Lazer says:

im using laptop what then…

destiny chau says:

Mines said it had no Signal so I turned it off and it had signal

Dy Kylez says:

Thank you so much . u save my weekend .

Ngoc Le says:

Hey nose i’m ear

tryhardunicorn Fan says:

it didn’t work

Riley Meagher says:


Hunter Crh says:

i have same pc like you dude but i bought new psu and Asus Radeon R9 280
DirectCU II Top and its always showing me no signal ,” btw im from Sweden

Larmour UK says:

For some reason that didn’t work for me

Mastronfy says:

Thank you so much man, your a god

Cro Warior says:

Dude you are a god!!!!! Tyyyyyy

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