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How to Fix Computer Freezing (Official Dell Tech Support)

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How to Fix Computer Freezing: If at times you find your PC becoming unresponsive and freezes suddenly, it’s a good idea to do a thorough check of the system. FYI: There are different types of system freeze issues and each category is detected by the system behavior. The problem can be categorized into Hang, Random Hang, Generic Freeze and Single-app Freeze.
LINK How to Update PC Drivers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1tW_FlcNAs
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syny mattz says:

When i log in to my computer it gets stuck on a black screen. help?

Ayush Barasani says:

i have got a problem i.e when i try to boot my laptop bsod appear and it will not let me boot and it returns to the windows…how can i solve this problem

Mitali Chopra says:

But if it is freezing on disk cleanup

vishnu rajput says:

Well done dell

Ivano95 says:

One question.
How can i make my laptop work better.
When i watch videos on YouTube cooler is working too much.
How can i fix it?

Maruf Ahmed says:

My windows has update problem.
The new virsion of windows download but can't install.
After download it automatically start for installing but it stop after 99% or shows error

Michael Connolly says:

Please do a video on fixing the headphone jack not working I have tried every video on YouTube, still no luck, it will work once, but if you plug out and then back again it will not work,

LifeyisLifey says:

My pc battery is temporarily disabled and everything I do doesnt work (bought a battery,charger , update bios and whatever you guys provide)

Nadeem khan says:

My biggest mistake buy dell laptop

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