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How to fix computer boot up problems (Blue screen of death or Crash Dump) (Computer tutorial 2)

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Here`s a few things you can try to fix any boot sector or blue screen of death problems causing crash dump files to be created. Also the possible causes of your computers problems.


Jacob Baez says:

man you really need speach classes

Kytchz Ryuzaki L says:


Okay, thanks for nothing. -_- 

MôààD MâÏsTRÖ says:

I have the problem it’s ( Hardwar Malfunction ) plzzz help me plzz :(

Larry342516 says:

What the H…LL did he say???

Viorel Dragomir says:

My motherboard is new why do this ?

rtrgrl78 says:

I’m assuming you ran some on screen diagnosis before getting on the
Motherboard. I always check on screen before opening hardware up, just to
save time. Good video, very informative.

fucheduck says:

I have found I have fewer BSoD if I crank the AC a few degrees, it’s
fucking hot as Hell here in Oklahoma!

oskari mattila says:

when i go to steam the blue screen of death pop up and i dont know what to
do i have a laptop pls help?!!!! :(

SHOzFST says:

So, basically, you know absolutely nothing about computers and just wanted
to get a video on the YouTubes.

ToxnTricks says:

I’m not sure what he just said, not because of the accent but because of
the double speak but I think this tutorial literally just said take it to a
shop. That is the least helpful tutorial, ever.



Ohm1110 says:

What do I do if my capasitators are blown?

kwixotic says:

Actually, with the BSOD’s I’d use the program Blue Screen View and see what
it points to as a possible cause in the mini dump file.

252656234 says:

How to fix computer boot up problems Blue screen?!!!! Balabalabal!!! fix

kwixotic says:

The problem of nothing coming on the screen with no beeping is very often
due to mobo issues and as you indicate swollen capacitors. BSOD’s on the
other hand stem from a variety of issues such as viruses or driver issues.

MacProHardDrive says:

very clear, thanks for the info. and help!


Hi, why is it when im on utube and my comp heats up a bit,,my internet
signal flashes on off on of and i have to waite for 10 minutes for it to
cool down.Why should that effect the signal,,,happens every time toof.
Your thoughts ? thanks

Will Durcan says:

I GOT THIS ERROR *** stop 0x00000019 (0x0000000000000ERROR 022,
0xFFFFF8A0007AC000, 0X0000000000000001, 0X000000000000000) HELP ME!!! 

tkg654 says:


The duck god says:

If this works i can hunt bears again. Love your accent man

crazyemo says:

I have a current problem, everytime I play any computer games like
Starcraft 2, part way through the game, the computer shuts down completely.
When I use a browser, the computero is fine, it only happens when I play
games, got a solution?

DerpyHero says:

My CPU has been restarting itself after it turns on. My screen doesnt show

extern56 says:

how about a laptop?

Robbie Brown says:

ALSO, have you tried going into the computers bios and seeing if anything
is wrong in there?

Robbie Brown says:

That’s not correct, registry cleaners are recommended by a lot of computer

Sasha Gamer says:

I do have black screen in place of blue and no writing and pc shut down it
self ;_;

artur stepanov says:


Sasha Gamer says:

ahahahaah :)))))) np np mate

Chris Johnston says:

Its called a Scottish accent . lol noobs . thx for the tip about ram never
knew that .

DarkDreamz says:

Can u help me I have a emachine laptop and when I start it up it goes to a
screen that said windows failed to start can u help me?

İbrahim Sürücü says:

Hi Robbie, first of all thanks for the video. I have blue screen and freeze
problem especially during movie and games. I am using Windows 7 32bit
system with 2 gb ram. I would be so pleasure if you could advice me how to
solve it. Thanks in advance.

CrossFireCFGR says:

same problem here but with lol 😛 black screen and then pc restart…
automatically help please

Raheme Matthie says:

You talk a bit like Shrek

Robbie Brown says:

Haha cool, thanks!

过过 章 says:


Robbie Brown says:

Hello, Billy. Sorry for late reply, Have you tried taking your computer to
a shop and maybe getting them to try out new components in it such as new
RAM or a processor? I doubt the processor is going wrong here, it’s maybe
the RAM.

lairdriver says:

I was always told to stay away from registry cleaners. I might give it a

Charles Varner says:

Thank you oh so much. I thought my computer was trashed. My computer was
coming on but not showing on the screen. So I watched your video and tried
cleaning my RAM like you said. I rebooted my computer and it didn’t work. I
left two sticks out the next time. I booted it up again and it worked. I
Cleaned the other two again, and booted it once more. It didn’t start
again. So I took only one out. Booted again and it worked. So my final
conclusion is that my last RAM slot is bad.

Jerry Dixon says:

Because rb1003 responded to Cameron Brown. Now there are 5.

zoza zoz says:

my problem is example i play cod and it stops about 5 mins later when i
started play and it gives sounds like computer working but it shows me
black screen and monitor says its off and i hear nothing sounds about the
game … my computer really old and they said maybe it doing by hot up but
its impossible 4 ventillator have in house +1 big what i taked there and i
putted down the walls and its really not hot so how i can fix it… plz help

hgwpatroll says:

I have a HD with XP that has multiple problems. I’m thinking about getting
a new drive and reinstalling XP. Then I would copy the bad drive to the new
drive. Would the new drive’s registry be overwritten? Any problems here? I
know I need a new computer but that’ll have to wait for a while. Thanks for
any help.

Eric F says:

my computer just freezes when i turn it on and it says dell startup the
gray bar is halfway filled and it wont start its just frozen

ShadowEagle5219 says:


zoza zoz says:

thx to try help but its impossible i said for me 🙁 and one times it check
the windows files and … winter coming we still dont get heat on our
house… idito country nah i just mean it not so heat it can stop 🙁

Vinod Kumar says:

thnx m8

Robbie Brown says:

Did you try looking for blown capacitors on the mother board?

Billy RazOr says:

Hi Robbie. I’m Billy Chan, from Malaysia. My desktop PC was problem with
hanging(freezing) windows, I tried to restart many times but still cannot
work it. I think my processor or RAM was crapped and caused my PC freeze.
Can you please help me? P.S.: I uploaded a video for the first time when my
desktop was problem. Click on my profile name, and then click on my first
time uploaded video. Paste URL is not allowed by Youtube rules in my
comment, sorry about that.

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