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How to fix camera lens in smartphone

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If your smartphone makes photos with white glow, here is the simple fix to reduce that effect.


Rodrigo Mendes says:

It worked!!! Nice tip!

Tolulope Dahunsi says:

wow bro it worked like a charm, thou i dont like your english but you are
awesome. ahaha. and thanks once again.

bablo yasin says:

Thanks……it really worked……

David Newman says:

Not sure how or why this works, but it does. My pictures are now more crisp
then when I first got the phone. Thank you

flumazenil says:

It… worked o.O Wow.

Jackie K says:

awesome! this actually worked for me too!

Tiago Lima says:

did you use some kind of different tape for that?

kuraigu12 says:

Wow worked for me gnex… 😀 ty!

Tekky B Nerdy Nay says:

At first, I was thinking to myself, “no way this is going to work!” But, it
did! It really did! Thank you so much for finding this fix. This saved me
time and money!

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