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How to fix Black Screen of Death – HP laptop

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This video shows step by step process on how to fix the dreaded Black Screen of Death on your HP Laptop. This appears to be a common problem on the internet forums. The symptoms are that lap top will not show any activity on the blank screen, yet the fan and some of the led’s on the keyboard blink and light up. Fixing this problem saved me from having to buy a new laptop computer, and also saved me lots of money…. πŸ˜‰ best of Luck


staimili ardol says:

I love youu, u saved my life . Im subscribing i don care … happy new yr 😘

Buu Nguyen says:

Thanks for this video. Removing the battery, leaving the power on and charging it for over an hour fixed the frozen black screen on my HP Pavilion dv6.

Kana Chunara says:

Hey man it's Working

Anthony Arenas says:

Update. It appears that the laptop requires a "charged" battery attached to it to boot. Not the power cord alone but an actual charged battery connected. If the battery is dead and the power cord is connected, no boot. If the power cord is connected but the battery is removed, no boot. I'm wondering if this is actually a specific design intended.

Ritesh Sharma says:

Your trick worked for me thank you so much!

Genaro Gonzalez, Jr. says:

Thanks for the info. Left mine for about 3 hours and it worked.

SwiftNexus SwiftNexus says:

It appears to be an issue with the battery, whether it's the cmos battery or external battery. If I removed the laptop external battery for about 20 minutes and try to boot it up, I get a black screen. If I have a charged battery and let it sit for 20 minutes, the laptop boots up with the screen working.

I didn't boot up this laptop for several months, left it cold. I get a black screen. I charge it for 30 minutes and suddenly the screen works.

I'm almost positive this is either a faulty external or CR2032 battery issue. It's likely not the GPU as some HP models have loose GPU connections which require a reflow rework.

I would recommend opening up the laptop, replacing the CR2032 battery as well as giving the heat sink and cpu fan a good cleaning.

Black Bart says:

thanx man, it really worked for me, I was really in doubt because I tried everything that you tried before the last step. You saved my day.

Tamil Selvan says:

I have a doubt … Im in the middle of the process of last method…. If the screen works after 1 hr….. Can i shut it down and insert my battety back and turn it on again? Will it work?

Watcher Mojopie says:

Try to reinsert the ram in the other slot because my laptop work when i do that.

Susie Czellar says:

I thank you for your video. I tried the first three, but no luck; still black screen. Thaank you for OPTION 4, "Remove battery, plug in laptop to power source using laptop's charging cord (no battery in), let laptop sit for minimum 1hour. After trying this option, I had my screen back!! Thank you for the explanation that occasionally, the battery for the bios doesn't always charge when the regular laptop battery is installed. My hubby had a laptop in which he had to replace that bios battery. I hope your viewers find success with option 4, if the first three options don't solve the black screen problem.

S U C C E S S ! ! !
THANK YOU For your video and time!!

Muhammad Awais says:

some times loose connection of RAM gives the same problem. try to reinsert RAM firmly and boot again after cleaning the connection.

Erik Bates says:

I don’t have 2 memory cards.

Dr. Brandon Brown says:

Man I had a blank screen on my old Toshiba computer for 3 years and 6 months to the date before I watched your video. Was literally thinking bout just throwing it out the other day. Now it works perfectly fine. Thank you so much for sharing this jewel!! Much appreciated.

Regina Chesnutte says:


Kevin Huynh says:

Please help it doesn't work


this still didn't help me , im quite sad and annoyed… please help.
The power button when i try to on it it doesn't switch on. Only caps lock on and when i press f5 only then switches the caps lock to be on.

Bryan Calvin says:

The last step works for me . Thanks

Kahrennn says:

It worked omgggg

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