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How to fix black and unresponsive iPhone screen

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*** NOTE *** This is a HARDWARE solution to a black/unresponsive screen. If you have tried a HARD RESET and that does not work, (which is SOFTWARE related… a completely separate issue/solution) — TRY THIS

I dropped my iPhone and the screen went black and I saved a few hundred dollars with this fix. Hope it helps you

Screwdriver Kit – http://www.ifixit.com/iPhone-Parts/iPhone-4-Liberation-Kit/IF182-019

I used the smallest phillips head screw driver, but you have to be careful not to strip the screws. I placed a link in the description to a actual screw driver which is a 3.6 mm Pentalobe 5 point screw driver


Spacebuilt says:

how the fuck do you take apart an iPod 5 lol

carter ness says:

does it work with a 5 

iSwearToCod says:


Regina Cruz says:

Thank you so much! This had happened to me before so my dad took it to get
fixed it worked then yesterday it fell down and the screen was black when i
was trying to turn it on i could still hear people messaging me so if i
told my dad that my phone has the same problem again i would be dead right
now thanks man

Hershi Schur says:

Fuckin lifesaver 

soniicbobomb15 says:

WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, beofre you go into your phone, try holding the home
button and the power button for at least a minute or until the apple logo

Mark Dougherty says:

you just saved me several hundred dollars. sub

Mark Camacho says:

what screw driver are you useing

TheGingeTV says:

thank you bro, just did it today, worked a treat!

Ethel Tay says:

Thank you so much.u just saved my phone!:)

Mark Dougherty says:

Btw I’m posting this from the iPhone you saved

Aseel Asomes says:

Well i heard the click but it won’t turn on can u please help

hitcan79 says:

The god damn screws wont come out, it needs a pentalope screwdriver

Lee Elberson says:

The dichotomy you find on Youtube sometimes is really amusing. So I’m
watching this video on how to fix an unresponsive iPhone. You might think
that the very next video suggestion would be another informative fixit
video….uh, no! It’s a video on burning an iphone with gasoline: Burning
a New iPhone 5 with Gasoline – Will it Survive?

Almost like some circle of life happening there: I give life, and I shall
take it AWAY! #iphonerepair #youtubeisfunny 

Diesel_Nut84 says:

you just saved me $200 which apple store wanted (for the “new” replacement
which is really just a fuckin refurb)

you sir, are the man 

EnjoyOurContent says:

i can do alot of stuff on iphone, change screens, do everything, tried this
and it fucking worked, thanks, subbed

Damien Hartley says:

what I would do is trow the idiotphone 4shit in the trash and get a

Francisco Valentine says:

still not workin’for me :(

Denycia Potts says:

I tried this today on my old iphone4 and it worked! I only wish that I
would have seen this sooner! I could have saved myself from having to renew
my contract in order to get a new phone. But on the bright side I can sell
this old one now! THANK YOU!

FireShadowFilms says:

Want a easier way?
Hold down the power button (top button)
And the home button for at least 5 seconds or more, and it will show the
apple icon, and will turn off. Turn it back on and it should work!

Wyatt Smith says:

Your video saved my life, when my iPhone lost its screen connection my
parents were mad, but when I told them I found a video that shows me how I
can fix it they didn’t ground me for a month.

EnV Carmello says:

OMG …i just wanna come to your house and give you a Great BIG Hug a thank
you and maybe dinner or something lol

I was just about to trash this phone until I typed in Bing “iphone 4 screen
is black but phone is on” and there pops up your video …I was like this
may not work seeing that i already had looked under the hood and saw that
everything was connected (LIES) a simple Press to the display cables
(CLICK) and what do you know …There goes my Screen Bright as ever lol .
Thank you again so much ….Lifesaver ! 

JanFeddema says:

I just slammed with my knuckles on the back of the iPhone and it worked

Fishion Yohannes says:


Noryx Enriquez says:


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