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How To FIX Auto Rotation Not Working For Every Android Smartphone

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⏩ Hey Youtube βͺ
If You Dropped Your Phone & Its Auto Rotation Is Not Working Anymore, Then Try The Above Method 😊

Phone Used – Coolpad Note 3
Music Player Used – Black Player
Recorder Used – Mobizen

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Mayur Salkar says:

Din worked with redmi note3

Firasat Khan says:

Qwolcomm CPU note work this code any selusion

Richard Evans says:

error code, dont work

CultureShock 99 says:

I can't understand a single word you said.

Exlitherene/Exlitherine says:

I like how the thumbnail shows an iphone and the title says "every android phone" Nice

chetan Sharma says:

not working my phone bro htc desire 828

Infamous Coon says:

dont work for me :/

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Hey bro, do you have a code for note 3at&t? Thanks.

Afsar Ali says:

Doesn't work redmi note 3

Jeetendra Shrestha says:

what about samsung note 2 gt n7100? its not working , any other options ? and my android version is 4.4.2 , thank you

Mohd Aliff says:

Its not working

mohamed randy says:

I download the app and when I try to go to mtk settings don't open ??

OperatorXD _ says:

Not working. Using galaxy s6 edge

Lolo 35 says:

Dont work whit me πŸ™

Fire Gamer says:

I like how in the thumbnail it was an ios smartphone instead of a android one

Manny U Well says:

It says invalid for the code and the app won't let me Into engineering mode, im using a Huawei y6 what should I do

Ankur Panday says:

nice video the code was working fine on coolpad mega 2.5 d. But clearing failed.

ranjith panayara says:

I am using oppo f1 plus it's showing invalid kmi code .. ihave installed that engineering ap too.. what should I do..Pls help

John Kirby says:

downloaded app can't get into it

Arvan Seeray says:

not working

Ernst Becker says:

doesn't work. Blackview BV5000: "invalid MMI-code".

dave Yates says:

I didn't need the code soon as I watched this the rotation started working lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Endergamer 13921 says:

oh wow. when i got onto this video my screen rotation workedπŸ˜°πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹

meme is life says:

number doesn't work and the app as well

Crazy Experimentalists says:

Its saying GYROSCOPE was not supported.


operation failed


operation failed


operation failed halp me

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