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How To Fix Apps That Won’t Open (iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad)

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skutch04 says:

I just got iOS 8 on my iPhone 4s… I used the reboot method and the app
store wont load, youtube wont load, and itunes wont load. I cant find the
problem. Please help me!

foxy the pirate fox says:

I need help! I deleted Google+ accidentally and I can’t reinstall it
because the cloud isn’t showing up! What do I do!

jose perez says:

Im mexican and i have a good internet .

Andrea Reich says:

My problem is with my IPhone “email app”. When try to open it, it does the
same thing as your iTunes app did. Any advise? I have already tried to do
a soft reset.


Emma Dunbach says:

Thank you so much, my Instagram wouldn’t work an I was feeling out because
it was like 2 years of work, I was so desperate to have it back (luckily it
hadn’t even been 24 hours) and this worked to my surprise! I did
everything, I even thought I lost the account for good but thanks to you I
have it back!

Jan Crisostomo says:

It didn’t work, neither of those suggestions helped 🙁 any other ideas???

Axel Gtz says:

Nice dubstep intro
The song is called clockmaker right

TheSunnyParade says:

Awww, I miss OMGPOP! But anyways, I’ll just try rebooting it since I don’t
have any room left.

Kakta Phuleshe says:

Fixed it. Thanks! Thought it had something to do with iOS8

C.Duncan Sutherland says:

Great video, thanks! Your English is fine and a thousand times better than
my Spanish. :)

Kimberly Bogucki says:

I have been working with an app creator for a few days trying to figure out
why an app won’t open since the latest update. After extensive emails back
and forth I found your video and, 58 seconds in, voila, problem fixed.

Toby Moises says:

Hey bro I saw your video…..but the problem is your solution in my iPad
Mini doesn’t work. I have these two apps they are called Granny Smith and
Minecraft PE that won’t open and these exits itself. The version of my
device is 7.1.2 and it is not jailbroken. I downloaded these two game apps
in other AppStore for free not in the original AppStore because these apps
are paid. Can you help me bro? I want to play these games because they are
my favorite apps thnx!

Ella S. says:

It won’t work please help.
I’m using an iPod touch
Apps that don’t work:
Five nights at Freddy’s and its sequel
I’ve used the 2nd one.. I’ll try 1st right now…

Direct Grovyle - PS3 says:

What if the app that i downloaded isnt licensed by apple

ZizYoubizHERE says:

it didnt work:(

KILLERWOLF2486 says:

Omg thank you

lola Di Fiori says:

It’s not working fml 

Custom Horse Tack and Gifts, Gaited Spanish, Western and American Styles says:

Worked for me! THANK YOU!!!

Cartoonish Sone says:

Guys I was play gat San Andreas on my iPad 2 iOS 8 then,after a while of
playing,it crashes help me pls

kayla Lynn says:

What if they’re no longer in the App Store 

Assasin Puppy says:

Does the app have to be paid and/or has gamecenter

ScandalouslyWrecks says:

Yesssssss it worked finally my instagram app is opening

bradley smith says:

Why did you show your password to a lot of people

gameandflogchannel says:

didn’t work for me…
any suggestions anyone?! btw i use ipad

helldeathgaming says:

The problem is that my appstore wont load

Jayden Taveras says:

It did not work):

Patricia DelMercado says:

Thank you! You’re awesome.

xXDEADRipperXx says:

What about vshare 

The Best says:

I have ipad and injustice does not work

SuperW Gaming says:

Didn’t work

Safari Register says:

I don’t know why but I have no apps and my memory is low I know I deleted
everything in my iphone but the memory is low

Donald Jumper says:


Alex Benavides says:

Didn’t work

Gary Howell says:

This worked perfectly. Downloaded a free game and now my ipad calendar app
started working again.

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