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How to Fix Any Computer

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How to fix essentially any problem your computer might have with a simple tip.
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TheGreenestLantern says:

Does this guy have any serious videos?

Officallyrandom says:

I did this for my cracked screen, It worked!!!!!! I had all the equipment
in my house and i could fix anything. Even my brothers love life!!!

piano trumpet says:

I actually built a computer by doing these steps several times.

Liquidice says:

omg. who would believe this shit? dont you know blowing on your ram can
break it.

Leland Wier says:

Welcome to the bitchiest place on earth “The YouTube Comments” See below
for full details .

shinigami19xx says:

I was getting off the train and I accidentally dropped my laptop down the
gap between the train and the platform. When the train took off, it
basically cut my laptop in half. However, I was able to retrieve both
halves safely once the train was gone. Will this trick fix my laptop

Slap Bock says:


kjebrown says:


SuperSchooler16 says:

lol i can hear all the older people watching this going.
“WHAT!!!??! A Gram meter!?!? there’s radiation on those things DX

McMoofly says:

Whoa! I actually worked guys! You need to try this!

Kabuki Joe says:

Ram Chip Radiation exposure can kill! Play it safe! Remove the battery &
wash your computer in a dishwasher before & after handling it.

ExternalJackal says:

Nice try Troll. But I know what a “RAM chip” or rather “RAM” is and
does…Better luck next time.

SneaK AVEX says:

why are you guys so gulible everyone knows hes a troll

DUME85 | Minecraft let's plays! | Mod showcases! says:

Holy crap thanks dude!
My laptop now runs twice as fast!

Commodore Grayum says:

“Unilateral induction bay”. :3

Noah Shelley says:

i dont know how he kept a straight face the whole time

Kenan Hasanic says:

i tried it out and on my laptop ( dell inpiron N5040 ) and it doesnt work
btw i had the same problem with my comuter and did the same and on the
computer it worked, about laptops i dont know 🙁 did anyone have the same

grahamsproductionz says:

dude none of what you said terminology wise was correct. 

The Mac Guy says:

sure everyone has a cereal gram at home more reason why not to believe him

Leon says:

Lol rofl lmao.
I’m a spam bot.

KillaKGaming says:

All of this guy’s videos are jokes to things people are actually looking
help for. I can’t imagine how many people who actually don’t know too much
about computers/networking have wasted their money/time following along to
these videos. Not cool man.

Izun AFK says:

I’ve used this method many times with many computers! Works like a charm.

thekiwigamingchannel says:

LOL Faze detractor pins. How do people fall for these?

S COOK says:

Right idea but as an electronics techncian for over 30 yrs I found to most
common cuprit to be dissimular metal corrosion. What yoou need to do is to
gently clean the contacts with a simple pensil eraser.

A Mayne says:

you are a dick

The Park Master says:

Honestly, I do the old fashioned Wipe. 

Diego T says:

this clown actually gets views

C. Alexander Baker says:

my favorite part of this video is the friggin’ wine rack in the
background.. “sir, may I interest you in a bottle of port to go with your
pc maintenance?”

Edward M says:

I blew some Meth on my 4 mz IBM XT and now it’ll blow even Alien ware out
of the water .

Everett Finckbone says:

what a joke.

harleysq harleysq says:

i gott to admit i was sceptical, but this trully works guys

Thank you so much Joe!

William Giraud says:

i would like to know what kind of problems or possible symptoms i could be
having to go a head and check this issue?

Francis Tran says:

How does he keep his face so straight?

Harley201 says:

OMG it worked i can’t…….oh wait this video is not called how to break a

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