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HOW TO FIX ANY COMPUTER 🖥️ – Ricky Berwick

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TheGreatDocBrown says:

Ah, the light blue screen of malcontent

Arthur Penot says:

I want more videos like this !

Remixed Deluxe says:

Rip ricky's computer

Kaneki Ken says:

Thx it helped me alot

spankthe machine says:

Those 42 dislikes were howtobasic fans

Adelia T. says:


Little George says:

Thank you this video helped a lot 🙂

Hog Rider says:

Steve Jobs Is Gonna Make U CEO Soon ❤ 😎

Hog Rider says:

The Only Guy Who Can Take After HowToBasic 😍

Albert says:

Stop being so fu! Up just cuz he may have a disorder doesn't change anything he is a smart and great person p.s u make my day every day

Jarod_Insane says:

I expected system 32

z man jw says:


Carlos GonzalesRuiz says:

Azopotamadre así que la leyenda es cierta :0

PeterGaming75 says:

I thought he was going to delete system32 xD

Pierre Mauriz says:

Can it run Crysis?

TONY dd says:

Ricky your name is Jeff

Raytjietie says:

i heared a hammer helped in that situation, a ban hammer

ZaeForever says:

😂 lmao RN your so funny man keep up the good work I subbed 😂

Alexs Wii says:

saw it coming, still died laughing

Josiah Serna says:

LoL the best

joshelplayer says:

why is there disabled people porn on my computer now

Scarlet wave says:

Clicbait 😡

IMmoreRANDOMthanYOU says:

I can't get my computer to do this, please help?

Your Brand New Obsession says:

Ricky u just tryna get my credit card info

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