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How To Fix and Flip iPhones $5 paid turned into $110 sale

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Sincerely Everybody says:

Cocaine is a helluva drug

Teddy R says:

Will your course teach how to unlock a phone,,,

AlexMercersRevenge says:

I'm concerned about how he doesn't disconnect the battery. That's just asking to short out the motherboard one day with an iPhone….

diy job says:

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Thanks for your video

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parksrocks says:

If it is missing parts internally like the metal screen cable cover do you disclose that in your listings?

Ivan O'Hara says:

You only gave that poor person $5 while you make bank.. Hate low life's like this

Leea Broster says:

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Tech Fury says:

How and where did you get it

Clyde Barrow says:

There is a cost of labor for the repair. Whst is your time worth? How to repair is free on youtube.

Device Doctor says:

I would never buy a phone fixed by this guy… goodness, slow down and do a quality repair.

jeriverac316 says:

Hello sir I want to learn how to fix iphones professionally do you have any courses i could look into?

James King says:

Where do you get the stuff to fix the phones

Jimmy Vang says:

Do you have tool kits for fixing iPhone 7?
My phone is also cracked and I need to fix it . Also I do want to make extra side money .

Tayyab DJ says:

Hello I wanted to ask you is that iphone blacklisted

Lord Belcher IV says:

Does the course apply to UK phone sellers? Do you cover stuff like checking IMEI before buying a used phone? Thanks.

gherrrie says:

Am I the only one that spotted this ? You're selling a phone that has protective plates missing. You broke off a piece to facilitate putting it back together. Among other problems the phone has that you mentioned in this video. How does that benefit someone who buys that phone from you ?

mark bosley says:

This is unbelievable money Dave..You provide so much value in your videos man. Happy New Year brother.

Rowan Bremner says:

How did he know six months down the line I would be watching this

Gabe 789 says:

Hi Dave, what tools do I need to repair an iPhone?

Oscar Berkmann says:

Why should I buy the iPhone-Repair-Course when there is the iFixit-Website?!

Pigeon says:

Nigga easy on buying phones. Save some for the rest of us, you make plenty of money, leave some for the rest of us. Please ….

Jon says:

Hey Dave what is your website where you sell the iPhone screens

Dude Bro says:

This helped me learn how to buy and flip phones for great profit! https://goo.gl/PBXLf9


can you do this from canada

Jean Philippe says:

Great video man thanks

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