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How to Fix an Overheating Laptop – Step by Step Fan Cleaning – HP Pavilion dv6500

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In this video we disassemble and clean the fans & cooling system on a HP Pavilion dv6500 Laptop.

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Peter Gozinya says:

Looks like a real pain in the dick. I’ll take it to a computer repair

Marco Chiquetti says:

Hey man, I have a HP Pavilion M6, with beats audio edition, and I have
overheat issues, its been a couple of days, and when I go to gaming, my
notebook shutdown and say overheat 90D, and for turn it on again its so
slow, my computer its not the same, how I can fix this?


This video was well done. Some other videos don’t show you how to
re-assemble the unit. Not everyone can remember and back track what they
did when they took it apart. I run a computer repair shop myself and this
model is one of my personal Laptops. It has been over-heating for a while
now but I never got the chance to work on it. Now I will. Great job.
Looking forward to more videos from you. Thanks again for your kindness.

Chris Shaw says:

What type of workbench lights do you use? I thought you showed them in one
of your tutorials, but I can’t find it. I need some good clamp-on lights
for my workbench.

Griffith Harland says:


Shawn Robinson says:

Hey there I just wanted to say that you did a really awesome job at putting
this video togeather. I really learned a lot. Great job man.

Retired OldTimer says:

This was one GREAT video. I saw it a few months ago, but just recently
created a google / youtube account so as to post comments.
.I’m retired (70yrs old) and a year ago I started a new hobby (repairing/
upgrading, building desktop PC’s) and told my wife I would NEVER get
involved with laptops.
It was your video that influenced me (taught me) how to dissasemble a
I have since taken apart and successfully put back together (2) hp
6000’s, (1) Acer 7560, (1) HP 8440. My hobby is for fun only, and I
really want to thank you for sharing your expertise in such an educational

OnlyDeji says:

Hi there that was a great teardown and rebuild, my brother has that same
notebook, but not the white edition. I have done a complete disassembly
just as you did, with my HP dm4t 1200 CTO Pavilion Entertainment notebook,
ordered the exact fan from HP with discreet graphics, and removed the old
thermal paste applied new thermal paste and cooling fan. Then the same
issue arose, 90b/90d fan error. What steps have I missed? I am an aspiring
IT professional as well, and I have fixed other notebooks, but I seem to
have challenges with my own notebook. Even updated the BIOS too, yet this
challenge continues, any tips? Any advice is greatly appreciated,
Deji Akinpelu

Griffith Harland says:

“IBM used to charge $98 an hour 25yrs ago on their first Electronic

Juan Iboa says:

Hi, I dismantle my dv6500 because it was overheating, unfortunately it
won’t boot up and I got a blank screen… I believe I might have damaged
the processor while scrapping the old thermal paste off. I went deep on it
with the blade.. Can this model be fixed by replacing the processor or
should I get a new motherboard?
By the way, thanks for the how to video. It was very helpful and easy to

Baraka Gitari says:

My laptop used to overheat to the point to where it would reach a temp
called Tj max (which for my computer is 95-100 degrees) at that point it
takes action and shuts itself off.

To fix it I bought “canned air” (its not really air) from a computer store
and spayed the laptop down and A LOT of dust came out. I also turned down
the maximum power from 100% to 75% (in windows power setting) and somehow
it runs faster, and cooler, than before on games.

planetoftheapez says:

what did he cut with the exacto knife at How to Fix an Overheating Laptop –
Step by Step Fan Cleaning – HP Pavilion dv6500 I’m reading an article at
and it doesn’t require the same tools so i’m kind of confused i don’t want
to screw up my computer but I’ve had it for 5 years and I think it really
needs to be cleaned

Paul Moore says:

It’s an engineers scribing tool, not a dental tool

Griffith Harland says:

This was my job for over forty years: Tearing Office machines apart, then
reinstalling one piece at a time! Always make a list of how many bases
their are back to home plate!” 

Marvin Blanco says:

This video taught me one thing. I will be taking my computer to a shop
because I’ll be terrified to even start to do this to my laptop when I
can’t afford another one. Great walkthrough by the way!

Don David Martins says:

how can i repair the yellow cable you dissassemble in minute 9:20?

Cheb Ornek says:

Excellent video in all phases. Taking apart & deep cleaning my 2009 HP DV6
was daunting to me, even though I build desktops & clean/maintain them.
You’ve made this look like a walk in the park. Thanks.

ashleelmb says:

The best advice on this video was to take your time and don’t rush when
putting it back together. Thanks. You held my impatience back! My laptop
works again. :)

Terese Izzattar says:

when you remove the RAM, do you loose all your info on your laptop? Maybe a
stupid ?, but like I was always taught, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Fiona Goldsworthy says:

Hi there. I have a question for you. it has nothing to do with this video,
but I needed to talk to you.
My son is a minecraft player. ( I made him his own public server which I am
quite proud of! )

But lately when he tries to go on his favorite servers, everyone else is
frozen but him and then he gets kicked off or timed out.

It only happens on his desktop. Not my laptop. I have upgraded his ram to 8
gigs. So I know it’s not that. Could it be my ISP, and maybe a poor
I bought a wifi dongle for it and that actually worked for a couple of
weeks. Now I am considering installing a wifi card.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that wifi works better than Ethernet.

Have you ever heard of this? Do you have any advice please. Thanks. 

Gerald Givens says:

I want to say that I really appreciate everything that you’ve shown in this
video. But most of all I want to thank you for saying how you help others
whom have shown you kindness. A co-worker asked me to work on this same
laptop and I had no idea on how to open it and you came through just in
time. Come to find out there was a screw inside the cooling fan and that’s
what caused the overheating issue. But I just would like to say a BIG THANK
YOU for your video assistance. May God Bless you in the utmost :o)

Sara Ciríaco says:

Hey there, first of all thanks for your video, it has helped me once in the
past just to clean the fan. Today i’ve resolved to repeat the process, with
the thermopaste (coolmaster e2 Ic), but in the end, i still can’t make my
screen work… any idea what may be or what have i done wrong? pleaaase
help ^^

Sean Liam says:

I own an HP and it sucks…. Dont advise on getting one

LillStoffe French-Skog says:

Wtf ? 

jeff decarro says:

Just want to thank you I followed your your post and my hp works Great
…THANkS again. JEFF from PHILA.

Neil Armstrong says:

Thank you so much! Your experience and patience are so valuable. Watching
this video really uncovers a whole gambit of laptop mysteries. The key to
successful repairs is indeed taking your time and don’t force stuff. The
trick with marking the screw holes with the pen is fantastic, there are so
many friggin’ holes on the motherboard. The screw holder is very cool too.

You the man!!!!!

Gio048 says:

Nice video.I have a Lenovo ideapad and sometimes theres a hissing noise.It
starts out very low and within a few seconds it gets very loud.What do you
think it can be.It doesn’t do it all the time,just once in a while.But some
times it will do it two or three times in a row.Thanks for reading this and
if you can help that would be great.

shanadoia says:

Why did you not put Thermal Paste on the GPU like you did the CPU

Artisa says:

Holy…. yeah I’m gonna completely disable my laptop out of commission if I
attempt that. :S

Duc Nguyen says:

i just a bag of ice under my laptop

Rissie Luvii says:

I’m having a slight overheating issue with my HP dv7 6c43cl model. My
battery won’t hold a charge or charge at all. If I unplug it,it shuts off.
And my internal webcam got unplugged also somehow. I’m to do a little
cleaning since it got unplugged somehow this morning but I can’t help
thinking that this little cleaning isn’t do much good. I’m so lost here. I
only play sims 3 and scribblenauts on it. The only games that make it a
little hot. But sims 3 makes it feel like its on fire. I had to stop
playing it. I want to play sims again so should I take it somewhere or to
someone or what? I had it since march 2012.

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