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How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony Vaio Disassembly Fan Cleaning New Thermal Paste

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How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony Vaio Disassembly Fan Cleaning New Thermal Paste

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This video:

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Thermal Paste Used: Arctic Silver MX-2 4G

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Boss __ says:

May crate a new a.i? well shit.

Education only says:

Sony sucks i bought 2 leptops from this noob chinese company .Both died in 1st 1 year 4month and second has problems in motherboard at 8months but they repaired it untill my warrenty finishesh.3times they repaired my leptop at 8 month and problem was solved but at 1 year i felt like burning smells from motherboard , so i called them they again repaired, and after it will run for 3 months more and died in 1year 3months.I dont know they want money like greedy one company , because they want to feed technitions from me but i denieded to replace motherboard after 1year 3months because of
I dont recommanded this worst than chinese brand sony anykind of items ,not only leptop i bought 1 xperia z also it also died in 1 year 2 months.Even i went again with my father to buy a new television , i told to my papa dont buy sony tvs , even if they giving you bravia engine because after all it will die after 1 years whatever kind of extra technologies they provide. ,but they failed in manufacturing life live items.
In that concept i bought asus leptop from 3 years no problem at all.Bravia ,bravia, bravia first see your company why they manufacturing this kind of items that no longer live then1 year.Make product strong we dont want bravia engins and etc etra noob technologies , every customer expect that he was buying from good company so he got a premium one item from them.This is totally wrong , sony proved it.They selling like what one chinese seller selling into their tuktuk , as if we say that sellers on tuktuk they told sir we give you this item with 10x in low price without quality compramise.
Means that this company selling worst then repaired parts.
If asus selling televisions surely i buy from them.Even tuktuk sellers in china selling 2nd hand items are good than this.I bought phone in china like iphone not realone.From 4 years still its worlking like charm no services.No repair .in 10times lower prices than this.

Baltazar León Velazquez says:

Nice vid, could you explain me what's the brown line in the Fan's case? I think is a kind of plastic tape that got melted. Am I correct?

Rathin Tewari says:

how perform the fan in laptop i mean how to run

anonymos says:

I don't understand why you remove ram you can do this process without removing ram

procc says:

What to do if, fan cleaning and thermal paste changing, does not help? 😐

Delira Innominata says:

He said "mobile gaming" as though he was being serious though.

Desktop > laptop > console > board games > mobiles

Carlos Pevida says:

Why does my laptop keep shutting off when I turn it on

The everything Channel says:

you didn't explained how to Remove cd drive..!!.?????

Sachin Ramesh says:

Instructions unclear. Dick caught in toaster.

LhDiy says:

Good tip for the paper to put down the screws, it did it too 😉

WhoStoleMyCookie says:

Hi, I watched your video and followed the instructions. After cleaning out the fan area, I screwed back my fan and cpu, put my ram back, screwed all the bolts before placing the ack cover and screwed that in. After finally screwing back in all the bolts, my laptop doe snot want to turn on.
I disassembled, looked at it very closely and tried to see what had happened but I couldn't find anything that was out of order. I've rewatched your video many times but I can't find anything that may have caused it.
The equipment that I was using was, a fairly big, medium sized magnet to put up the screws that fell into the very small holes.
I did not discharge before opening and cleaning. I think that touching the laptop with my hands and not using an anti static bracelet had maybe caused something.
Also, when I press my power button, all that it does is, the power button turns green and fades away, then fades back in with the green colour as if it was on, but then fades back and goes completely black as if it was turned of. And also, when I press the power button, one of the led lights turn on at the same time that press the button, and then when I let go of the power button, the led light turns of. The led light colour is orange.

Please help! I really need my laptop back but it won't turn on!

Shaka Cumberbatch says:

i totally agree with this guy, guys laptops in general suck for cooling, performance and above all longevity, but even a 400 dollar desktop will outperform and last longer than any similarly priced laptop, not to mention its easier to upgrade a desktop too

Roger Lam says:

You put two peas on the cpu. The last time I did that I broke the cpu

Sheng-jer Lin says:

#HealMyTech Thank you so so much I have overheated many many times but after watching your video I thought if I should try it it seemed very difficult coz I might not know how the screws may get lost but after trying it I finally got it to blow ac air for once lovin it!

kellerrobert80 says:

Very good video but the main point was to clean the fan, but I only saw 2 seconds of cleaning dust from the back plate. What about the fan blades?

Lovely Teacher says:

Please help me,Yesterday I noticed that my Vaio labtop get starting very very slowly

4x4forlyfe says:

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing video man. I have this exact same laptop and I will be tackling this within the week. Would you recommend an optical drive delete for this specific laptop? If so, do you know where I can find one?

Eddy Liptrott says:

hey I just want to thank you for such a fun,funny but completely perfect presentation on this issue with a vaio. It helped me tremendously, exactly what I needed.

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