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How to fix an iPhone Screen / Glass / Digitizer

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If you have a cracked front screen you’ll want to watch this episode as James makes his first attempt at replacing the front glass on an iPhone 3G using the kit from iFixIt.com.

For an iPhone 4 version of this fix, watch http://youtu.be/xzC8TUdph5w

Watch this before you try fixing your phone and find out how to get past the tricky parts!


brayan lozano says:

Hey bro, when i software update my lg phone to kit kat 4.2.2, my youtube
keeps.freezing but audio continues.. What should i do?!?!?! I watched
videos on dailymotion and seems to be working fine. Youtube is my only
problem. Help!! I did a factory reset and no luck..help

rick jack says:

What happens if the screen underneath has a different color that doesn’t
show your normal usual image but the Iphone still turns on can you still
use it if you fix the screen?

taliyah curry says:

my power button not working

Alonzo Griffin says:

I feel it’s appropriate to say: ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Joseph Header says:
Walker Ale says:

Very cheap to fix it. Its not that hard

Luke Dekker says:

Will this apply to a cracked screen with rainbow colors on my screen? my
phone is completely useless

dan harvey says:

1,702,794 now know Anna Lopez’s address.

nakomiah says:

This was like watching a horror movie. I admire that he showed his mistakes
and all, but I would like to “do it myself” with fewer bumps. 

Lucy Barrera says:

Did anyone notice that he says that he never makes mistakes even though he
made a mistake not even two mins into the video?

Sandeep Kiran says:

having problem wid my iphone 3gs., its lower bottem row is not working..
please can you fix my fone problem.. n rest every this is working good

Damorye Stiger says:



Meghen Matta says:

I was happy to see all the mistakes because they looked like things i would
do – and it shows you how to fix it and recover from them 🙂 

candygal602 says:

hahahahahaaha pause at 9:27

Alex Laurent says:

How to fix an iPhone Screen / Glass / Digitizer

ghettobird2012 says:

@sandeep Kiran that is the LCD screen that’s bad

CHRISTOPHER Walker says:

New iOS Jailbreak Supported W W W . iPhone5Break . C O M

Javier Ortiz says:

Yeah… oops

Michael Gore says:

This guy knows how to make a #HowTo #Video! It’s strait to the point, cuts
out all the boring air time, has a great sense of humor, best I’ve seen!

Carlos Bello says:

there’s a link in the annotations when the video starts up

chrilla1980 says:

Cable kompis……inte kabel såvida du inte satsar på svengelska 😉

Shelton Williams says:

Ok , I just put everything together & My screen isn’t working , I can’t
slide to unlock & I checked all of the connections & its connected …..
What do I do ? Help please !!!

Miriam Bianey Jimenez-Carrillo says:

so this wont work for the iphone 4??? and is it possible to fix it with
just the glass?

MuslimGoku says:

do you have a videos for iphone 3gs? Im having alot of problems putting the
ribbons back on

Ramsin x says:

Do you have a video showing how to fix it if the connector is popped out?

anthony hom says:

some one pleass help me i took my broken i phone to a repair shop and the
fix the screen but now i connect my phone to itunes and it said that it

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