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How to fix an iPhone 4 Screen / Glass

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If you have a cracked iPhone 4 screen you’ll want to watch this episode as James makes his first attempt at replacing the front glass on an iPhone 4 using the kit from phonedoctors.com.

Watch this before you try fixing your phone and find out how to get past the tricky parts!


George Claude says:

Glad to see how well built the iphone is.

NextGenNate says:

So your telling me i can fix my own iphone for like 20 bucks, instead of
paying someone a hundred?

ste bob says:

why so many god dam screw
s lol

GameFreak5674 says:

I found like a whole broken iPhone 4S and I need help. The front glass is
totally destroyed, back glass destroyed and idk if there’s a replacement
for the back. And the front screed thing to connect it the mirror like
screen is destroyed. It’s useless or is it still fixable. Is it worth to
fix it or buy another iPhone.

Marcos Rodarte says:

Can you tell me were to buy the screen as shown in the video for a iphone

Kenneth T says:

Damn umm idk if i can do this lol

Jistin Barnett says:

screw mat!

crazypizzaman21 says:

I just want to say thanks 4 video, but its mad stupid how apple makes a
phone out of fucking glass that’s why we need cases 4 our iPhones.

Rico Porter says:

great vid man thanks 

The mini Dayx says:

I have a crack across my screen side ways an wow just for a little crack I
need to do that wow isn’t that crazy but I like your vid so I sub and like 

Tanya Mitchell says:

when you were all done was all of your apps, contacts, pictures and text
messages still there or does all of that reset?

3DUBz5 says:

Does the screen come with the phone doctors repair kit?

Jon Doe says:

“Pentalobular”. Had to look that up :-)

Luis Garcia Acosta says:

I f**cking tried and the screen that I ordered is impossible to attach to
the iphone there is two connectors that are not the size of the 4s…
anyone help?

0nly0b3y says:

I just broke my iPod today lol

Jorge Morales says:

what’s the name of the kit?

Hugo Sanchez says:

you thought we wouldnt notice but youre a fucking alien 10:08 proof 

Lewis Quiej says:

Will this work for a iPhone 4s

Joanne Do says:

I’m having trouble taking the last screw out (vibrating motor) right side.
I used two of my small screw drivers that fit in the hole. Now, i’m afraid
I might have damaged the screw original size thing to unscrew it >_< help?

ali obeid says:

its cool but from were can i get all these stuff that you use to fix the
iphone like the things that you use to take every thing from in the phone
…..piz tell!!!!!!!!!!!!

NataliMounira says:

I completely screwed up my phone I’m SO sad and SO broke :((((

Salahuddin Mohammed says:

Have you tried turning it off then back on again?

seana clarke says:


Im currently going through the motions and im having trouble with the screw
to the left of teh camera, any clues of how to encourage it to unscrew

Stasia Redden says:


Mynameispanda says:

do any one know how to fix a black spot on my iPod?
it just sitting in the comer bugging me and i trying to watch a movie 

Riley Tonks says:

GameFreak5674 you can buy the back don’t buy another phone you will waste
your money

Crusher805zx3 says:


terrys461 says:

Thanks for the video! Just replaced my screen using this as my guild and
all went well and my phones back together and working fine!!!

zevice3 says:

Thanks, worked like a charm

Arola Teixidor says:

This video works for iPhone 4? because your iPhone is 4s. It’s exactly the
same? Thanks!

Steven Lynn says:

What is this your fist time??? Aha

Lev Bangiyev says:

Worked perfectly!!!! Thank you!!!! :)

Pedro Pinto says:

It took me 2 hours to replace the front glass, and thanks to you it’s done!
You have saved my life and my money too ;)

jaay b says:

Cracked my phone today

despicableyou12 says:

This is a great tutorial. Unfortunately, the second ribbon clippy thingy
you attach when you put it all back together wasn’t long enough, I thought
it could be pulled further, and it snapped. Now I have to go get it
professionally done. Yippee 

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