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How To Fix An iPad Home Button Quick And Easy

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Several ways to fix a Broken iPad home button


TheProGamer511 says:

My power button won’t work also!!! Im just stuck in the settings :(

Kevin Collins says:

Thanks so much I fixed my Home button : )

Andrea Kelson says:

Fixed it in two minutes. Thank you.

ironbutterfly76 says:


Shamsah Nawaz says:

Thank you very much. Great video and great help. Not only did I fixed it
but learnt about the features which I didn’t know existed before like
Assistive Touch

Judith Carson says:

Great video! So clear and step by step. Thank you. 

zmccoy122 says:

Help what do I do if my home button got pushed in like it was pushed to

noam B says:

thanks a lot- what a simple and easy way- great job.

Trinity Jane Meek says:


Dana Keller says:

Good advice, thank you!

Chris Talker says:

Thank you so much very helpfull

David Lehmann says:

Thank you very much! 

Sharon Daniella says:


Paul Bayl says:

your a legend! saved me a new ipad because I borrowed my clients ipad for
testing and in the morning when I had to return it it wasn’t functioning!
Thanks a million!

mark meldrum says:

That was great!!

Michelle C says:

OMG thanks so much it did work

Ruby Rubyheart says:

That was SUPER HELPFUL!! Thank you so much!! :D

Spela Kranjc says:

Thank you!!!! You saved me and my old iPad :)

Veronica Sanchez says:

Thanks soo much helped me alot

kai jiang says:

Who’s a genius here

Biswa Das says:

Thank you!! this is very helpful.

MrATonTUBE says:
Miranda McGowan says:

So incredibly helpful. Saved me from buying a new ipad!

Marie-Noëlle Gagnieux says:

Thank you for sharing this invaluable information!! 

Gene Cappel says:

Thanks for a comprehensive array of workarounds for the dreaded Dead Home
Button syndrome! I don’t know much about iPads- Thank goodness you do- your
tips got my 2nd hand iPad 2 fully functional with the most minor addition
of the Assistive Touch soft key. Kudos!

Zach Arias says:


Michael Schwartz says:

Thanks, the alcohol trick worked for mine!


Oh thanks I found it! :)

Warren Thomas says:

Thank you saved the home button

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