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How To Fix An iPad Home Button EASILY (Tutorial)

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In this video, I show you how to fix an iPad home button. It is a simple tutorial and uses rubbing alcohol to remove the gunk and dirt that is generally stuck around the home button. The dirt and gunk is usually the cause of a home button that doesn’t work, and this method will get rid of it!

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Dr Greenthumb says:

Was you on cocaine when filming this? Heyyyy guyssss …

Jenna Corcoran says:

Thank you Soo much

CyberDasherXD says:

My button fell off

C Keating says:

It worked like a charm! Thank you!

Glen Fiddich says:

One question. Why do you keep pronouncing it buddin? There's 2 t's in the word, butty! πŸ˜‰

kyle shafer says:

Thank u i fixed it

iicandysweet Bloxburg says:

My home button won't work when I press on it

Sean Young says:

This is the worst tutorial video

MusicianAdam says:

Thanks Saul Goodman

Vkook is Real β€Ή3 says:

I cannot exit any app.. What should i do then? 😣

Eduardo David says:

Talk like a man. Sounds like a idiot.

T LC says:

This absolutely worked! Thanks a lot.

Jonah Kaiser says:

Thanks, lot of help πŸ˜€

Emerald Sky says:

Mine was just jammed and now it’s completely destroyed

Jasmine DIY says:

This works,!

Jared garza says:

Dont be fake

Russell Deniega says:

Stop shouting we're not def that means do not have a malfunctioning ear

LanceTech- Cayenne Minor says:

I can press my home button but it doesn't exit an app..

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