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How to fix an iPad 2 that won’t activate after updating it to iOS 9.3.

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As of Jan 2018 this video is almost two years old, and I have no guarantee that the fix will still work on your device. Please try this fix under your own risk. I will no longer be offering any help anymore. This video will soon be withdrawn from public.

FULL official Apple instructions here:


Isaac OS Test, Gaming, Countryballs and more. says:

i tried but it didn't work

Jostin200214 says:

I restored and I have icloud lock and it's MY ACCOUNT and I can't unlocked 🙁

Devansh Khare says:

ttttttthhhhhhhhaaaaannnnk Youuuuuuu !
helped me !

Veronica Gonzales says:

What if i don't have an apple computer can it still work?

Paulo Dehnhardt says:

Hi. After many hours of search, solve the issue from my Ipad2 GSM (with mobile chip) using a tip I found at Apple community, as follow:

1. Connect the USB cable to your computer. Disconnect the Ipad but leave the USB cable connected to your computer.

2. Turn off the Ipad.

3. Press and hold the Home button while you connect the USB cable to the Ipad. The Ipad should power on. (If you see a battery icon with a thin red band, wall plug icon, an arrow and a lightning bolt you need to let your ipad charge for 15-20 minutes.)

4. Continue to hold the Home button until you see the connect to Itunes screen and then release the button. If you don't see the connect to itunes screen repeat steps 1-4.

5. You may have to update to the latest apple itunes update if you are not current.

6.Use itunes to restore the ipad (* ATTENTION: don´t try to UPDATE IT! It will show this button, but it didn´t work for me – I had to start all over again).
Just follow the on screen directions on the computer. The whole process took about 30-35 minutes. You will need your email and your original apple account password. If you forgot then follow the steps to change password.

7. After itunes has downloaded and updated you will be prompted to activate your ipad. Follow the on screen instructions.

* let me know if you can not fix it. Regards

sumayya Khaji says:

Hold that camera properly re mad


hi i have Ipad 2, it says on iTunes extractintg software, will my ipad work again? thanks if reply

Sean Fitz says:

apple are fucking cowboys when will you lot realize?

Simple Tech Man says:

I feel sad that the older gadgets like the ipad 2 are almost unusabe today. I made this video on the best ways to use our old devices. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

Emiliano Mercado says:

i have the same problem with my ipad air 1. i tried to do what did you do but steel happening the same problem. somebody know what can i do??? pleaseeeeeeeee


cant get to the connect to itunes step, as long as im holding that home button the apple symbol stays on screen. held it for like 10 minutes and still nothing then the moment i let go its back to the stuck activation screen.

mines also a bit different aswell i can connect to itunes with a link on the re activate screen but itunes fins an error that way and i can connect by internet connection which doesn't work either

K Razor says:

Rotten apples,shit still doesn't work…..

Hert Niks says:

That shit dont work. Neither does restoring.

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