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How To Fix An Apple Charger! (IPhone, IPad, IPod, MacBook)

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I’m fed up with buying chargers for $20+ only to have them break like a couple weeks later. It’s not worth it. My fix here will help you prolong if not guarantee your charger to work forever. Unfortunately it doesn’t work if your charger is already completely broken or destroyed, so buy a new one and then do this trick!

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andrew dam says:

My charger always used to work then stop working but this really worked!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

xLeiLyrics says:

Oh my god Camille thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver

altanker says:

This really worked for me! Thanks for making this video. Chargers were
always a nightmare for me but now because of your video everything changed.

shellshelll2461 says:

will it work if ur charger is already broken 

Jose Pena says:

Very pretty! And great info. 🙂 

NickiFlawlessMinaj says:

ugh I done it and the spring just fell down it was not even tight on the
charger it was loose af help 

MsShoaib123 says:

Apple uk chargers cost £16 and on eBay I can get about 16 chargers for that
much anyway your beautiful 

David Jones says:

would this video help me because when i plug my charger in my iPhone 5 it
said it cant clarify the charger!!

Natalie Sarmiento says:

Thank you very helpful

nickiee GaRcIa says:

OMG thank u! It worked! I’m so happy right now 

mikal halo says:

After 10 minutes of me being an idiot 8 got it, THANK YOU SO MUCH my
chargers always break and now I think this will work for me!!! 

Chris Lin says:

wowww i just bought 20 chargers for $18

cassicola1 says:

Thank you soo much > u < my iPad charger stopped working after 3 months = _ = this really helped ^ u ^

Terraria says:

My charger sometimes works and sometime it doesn’t

Mrderp1897 says:

My charger is weird it can weird for 2 minutes then it just spams work off
work off work off and the noise is happening right now wow Apple you can do

Katia Krasha says:


Skinky4291 says:

Fyi when buy the non Apple charger they don’t charger right or at all. I
bought 20 for $16. And the kinda work for awhile.

nawar bari says:


StampyLongFoot says:

Thank you so much it worked!At first I didn’t think it would work but it
did and I’m only 10 and I spent my birthday money on a new charger I
subscribed to you thanks!

Nick gfdek says:

I sticktape both ends very thick and tight works for me 2 years and still

Andrea Aguilan says:

OMGGG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I was just using my phone and
i check the battery and its about to die, i plug in my charger and it
doesnt work, it was a
my second charger and i thought it was gonna break, but then i found this
video and it helped my sooooo much. Thank you!

Bonnie Bae says:

omg i got my charger 1 week ago and it already broke T_T it was my xmas
present too

sycotic51 says:

only bought an apple charger for my phone once, since the iphone 5 came out
and it still works fine, a buddy of mine buys a new cheap one every other
month 😛 ill tell him about this, good video

Say NO More says:

You are sooooo beautiful

Bruce Keys says:

Thank you so much

havs hace says:

I’m going to do it and does it works 4 old i pod charjer s

Ruth Aguilar says:

It would be better if u actually teach us instead of talking alot!

Yasminna Sanchez says:

I don’t have ONE springy thingy pen NOT ONE! Fml

Anna X Huang says:

I swear I have to get a new charger every 6 months and I ain’t got that
much money to throw. Thanks for the vid!

GamingHusky says:

Oh my god it did work thanks. :)

Tiffany Swann says:

It doesn’t work

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