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How to Fix a Wet Laptop

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How were you supposed to know your computer can’t swim? Isn’t it called a laptop?

Liquids and electricity don’t mix. Please make sure your hardware and all points of electrical contact are completely dry before plugging them in.

Step 1: Power down
When your laptop gets wet, immediately cut off the power supply and shut the computer down. Remove the battery, as well as the hard drive and any peripherals.

Step 2: Drain and dry
Pour as much water as you can off the surface of the laptop. Use paper towels or lint-free cloth and cotton swabs to clean and dry the laptop, battery, and any removable parts or peripherals. Don’t use a hairdryer or a microwave; it can melt your hardware.

If you spilled a soft drink, coffee, liquor, or any other substance that isn’t water on your laptop, you’ll probably need to send it in for a professional repair.

Step 3: Let it sit
Lay a towel on a flat surface. Open the laptop, turn it upside down, and let it drain onto the towel for a few days.

Step 4: Reinsert the battery
Reinsert the battery, and turn the machine on. If it powers up, let it run for an hour or so and shut it down again. If it doesn’t, try plugging in the power cord.

Make sure that the power cable and power brick are completely dry. Moisture can cause them to spark or catch fire.

Step 5: Reinstall the extras
If your laptop worked well on battery power, you’re probably out of the woods. Reinstall the removable parts and peripherals, fire the machine back up, and count your lucky stars.

Step 6: Take it for repairs
If your laptop works when it’s plugged in, but not on battery power — or if you’re experiencing any other problems — take it in for repairs.

Did You Know?
The nonprofit organization One Laptop Per Child has developed a sturdy, spill-proof, and energy efficient laptop that’s intended for use by children in developing nations.


Jackylyn Lambino says:

What if i already use hairdryer. Omg idk what todo?! 😢😢😢 help me

Pedro Q says:

I accidentally wet it forgot I had water on my cup… it turns on but my keyboard doesn’t work but my mouse does

Wolf and Loud Houe Lover says:

Yay it worked

Magocaur says:

Thank you so much!! This actually worked!!! Now I don't have to spend money on another one 😀

A.S says:

My lap top doesn't let me take out the battery 😥 I'm so worried

Soraii says:

What about when the keyboard stops working?

Mojito Patron says:

what if its cold water?

Gerli Kurrusk says:

my PC turns in and out in and out for a hour now can u help me?

khaye claire says:

I spilt coke on my mums laptop

Some Gaming Pilot says:

i spilt a shitload of milk on mine it works perfectly the only thing its sticky on the surface

Lil' Daemon says:

my cat spilled water on my computer keyboard, and I didn't notice until twenty minutes later. I'm screwed

tonny tjoe says:

I got a big problem : MY LAPTOP WAS WASHED BY WATER and guess what? the water soaked inside my Laptop now its not wet but still broken. i charge it, and the lights are on but i can't open it. pls halp me 🙁

gunner strikes says:

I lost my arm at 1:20

JustLew says:

this is a helpful video , i spilt water on my friends computer.

Yard Sale Hunter says:

Im worried, is it bad that i try to power on right after spill? It was very little water, is that ok

Star's Nova says:

I spilt eggnog on my laptop CUZ I got startled

Megan The FruitCake says:

I spiller flavoured water and it was fizzy is that bad?

No... says:

You missed step 7!
sue the jerk who dumped a bucket of water on you while you where using the laptop.

Gmaxgaming says:

All my keys don't work except for esc and the f1 f2 f3 so on 😰

Windex says:

My computers destroyed. Maybe? After 1 and a half days, decided to try again. Charging my battery.. And waited for 1 hour, it can't be on.

Yaqline Bella says:

OMG THANK YOU MY COMPUTER IS SAVED! 😀 Instead of just leaving it upside down I just took of the keys on my laptop so it can drain more. THANK YOU!

Daniel Garcia says:

DAMMIT I SPILLED SODA ON MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠

Brian Ellis says:

The last step is "Lots of Luck" -_-

VGSANAssAssin says:

My act like but the screen is black but sound is going I spill milk y watching syndicate play Mianite if I dident. Freak out maybe it could still have a screen

The SCP Pug says:

My computer lives on its charger, What can i do?

John Stevens says:

lol dont put your laptop in the microwave 

JT10005000 says:

so i spilled water on my laptop  it survived but my keys don't even work is there anywhere to fix this? 

Brody Z Akira says:

Only half my keys work… Whys that ? Lol

Brody Z Akira says:

Lol yeah when waterspills unplug it immediately blah blah… I was too busy cleaning up the mess to think about it lol maybe if you told me before I spilled it, it would've helped hehe I'm just kiddin 😛

Wolfie GirlXD says:

How am I supposed to do that?

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