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How to fix a wet iPhone 4s in 2 minutes. Water damage repair.

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This video shows how to switch out the battery in your iPhone 4 or 4s, it is a very easy repair, and can restore your iPhone back into working condition. I have fixed several iPhones this way, and hopefully you can too. Working phones are always better than nonworking phones.

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Nichole Sanders says:

I dropped my phone in the pool and now it won’t charge? any ideas?

tyler sywyk says:

I have a iPhone 4 and my left speaker does not work and suggestions?

shisehn holy says:

I accidentally dipped my phone 4s into water (the top part)… the FLASH
is stuck on, no matter what I do (even turn off the phone) it won’t turn
off. the flash is dimmed and is constant. Will replacing the battery help
me? any help appreciated :)

kuhmil says:

I have a little problem cuz after clean it, I also changed the battery and
after a while like 1 hr maybe or more the iphone just shut down and when I
want to turn it on it just keep the apple logo on the screeen and in a few
sec it turn off. Well I have changed the battery twice and same still
problem. any solutions? I still have the old battery. 

Dilara Akinci says:

my phone dropped in water and everything is completely normal, but when I
shoot a video on my phone, and see the video. Then I can’t hear anything,
can someone help me?

KripayMC says:

My iphone 5 got wet from falling in a puddle, and as soon as it fell in, i
picked it up and wiped it. When i got home i put it in a bag of rice, for 1
day, den i charged it and turned it on, it worked i had
service,internet,correct time n everything, but after a few minutes or so
it freezes, and den turns off, so i just completely turned it off for
anymore further damages, den i kept it charging for a few mins until i put
it in rice again.
Plsss helppp!!!

Simon Granlien says:

I dropped my phone in water and put it in rice to dry. But my lock button
does not work and the sound only work when i have ear phones in it,the
sound work when i am talking to someones but not the ringtone, 

Abigayle Johnson says:

I have an iPhone 5s and I left it by the pool and it got splashed. I’m
pretty sure everything works fine except theres a black thing by the bottom
of the screen. Can it be fixed?

Temi OGs says:

vitu nekke tää ei toiminu saatana

Seth Robinson says:

My little brother threw my phone in the sink with water in it now I can’t
here shit like I can’t listen to music 

carlie fields says:

My power buton doesn’t work ,

Steezy B says:

To add on, when i swipe the button to move from silent/vibrate to sound it
says i have headphones in but i dont. Please help if you can

christopher love says:

Ive repaired alot of these, this video is fake, no discoloration on any
ports . also the water indicator looks as if its peeled up and re applied.
so yea dont try to sell batteries and scam your consumers.
If your connector isnt warped and the battery itself isnt inflated then it
is fine.
dont listen to the first person whos video claims instant relief
so sad

Ladybai Abo says:

i used my iphone for videoing under water, and it still work, but when it
gets low battery i can’t charge it anymore, what would i do? 

Infernocraft Michael says:

I got mine in a slip in slid and now the camra is foggy and it wont slid

Nate Moulton says:

ok, i have a problem with my 4s. i was canooing this weekend and my phone
was in a ziploc bag that got submerged in water for about 20 sec. my phone
wont turn on or charge. what are your suggestions on getting it working?
help is very appreciated. 

Dawson King says:

So I was playing a game of soccer and I live in Alaska. It snowed and
somehow water got through my bag into my jeans where my phone was. It
worked for a few minutes then went off. I put it in rice and also opened it
up and dried it all off. Any other suggestions? Great video.

Josh Snitkin says:

My iPhone 4s got in water and it only works in charger, date is always
messed up, and no internet service just keeps saying searching. Please help

Elania Freeman says:

My iphone 4 was in a bag and my juice wasted in the bag my phone stayed on
for a minute then shut off my phone makes noises and rings but the screen
is black any ideas

Nemo Chiew says:

nice it really works thanks for your help! 😀 (it fell into the toilet xD)

Constantin Magureanu says:

I spent 40 min in the pool with my iPhone 5s in the pocket until I realized
that. Do I have any chance to see it working again? Any Recommendations?

Brendan Furnari says:

got iphone a little wet and now sound is very quiet even on max volume any

Brian Cyrus says:

I Dropped my IPhone 4 in the toilet. I took it out within seconds and dried
it off. About six hours later I put it in rice for about 36 hours. I hooked
it up to charger and it didn’t turn on. The only that happened was the led
light turned on and stayed on for a while. About an hour after I took it
off the charger the phone randomly came on for about 5 minutes and hasn’t
come back on since.

Could this be the battery? or something else? and can I replace the battery
or at least access the damage without breaking the tamperproof seal that
voids anything?

Julian Gilmartin says:

My phone is an iphone4 it was in a pool for 3-5 minutes, is there any
chance this will help/are there any other fixes i could try?

stephanie atkinson says:

Ok. Dropped my iphone in my rum and orange juice. Phone works. I just my
home button doesn’t. I hve to reboot the phone to get to apps. Voice dial
keeps popping up but when it does. My home button works. Should I change
the battery or just leave it be? Evrything works except for that

b9Universe says:

I drop my iPhone 4 on the top of it in water it was fine for a couple of
minutes then it started to blink on and off then it just states off what
should I do

MissieShaly says:

I dropped my phone into the toilet and took it out straight away, the
screen was working but after few seconds it went off. Now when I click the
home button it keeps saying “Siri not available, connect to the internet”
but the screen is still off. If there a point buying one? I left the phone
in rice now. 

Alec Packersfan says:

Went in a pool with my iPhone 4s. I put in rice and the sounds/vibrations
work but not the screen. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Isaiah Richardson says:

I dropped my phone in a pool and I replaced the battery now when I charge
my phone the back gets hot what do I do 

Cody Ph says:

Thank you very much. It works for my phone.

TakaGomex says:

my iphone 4s was about 30 seconds under water … I turned it off and let

after 3 days I turned it on and it works perfectly! … but now the battery
does not charge … I connected the phone to the cable and the home screen
indicates that it is charging … even the flash icon appears next to the
battery icon … even syncs perfectly with itunes … but not charge the
battery …

I think I’m a lucky bastard and only needs a battery change, right?

JwH KcM says:

i had my iphone 5 on me when i was in the ocean but it had a life proof
case on it and water still got in. i put it on the charger and it popped up
with a weird screen thing then it just went black for the rest of the time.
i got some sand in the charging port, the headphone port and the speaker
port will this hurt it? also i was in the ocean for about 5 minutes over
all, i was in a kayak and had to swim out to reach the kayak and water got
in the kayak a fews times please help thx!

Gina Kim says:

my phone fell in a puddle during a really bad rainstorm tonight. it still
functions its just red lines and green lines when it starts up. sound is
fine, i didn’t try charging it because its in rice now. do the red lines
mean i have to replace the lcd too

luskos1 says:

so everything else is waterproof in this phone?the battery is the problem

mike lao says:

Just tried this on phone that’s been water damaged for 8 months and it
worked! Thanks!

Tim Griffith says:

So my wife had a container of wet ones in her car and it tipped over and
the remaining wet one “juice” if you will got on her screen and now it
looks distorted. We have it in a bag of rice now. Any thoughts if this will
work or is her phone messed up for the next 8 months? 

Nitroszx Oké says:

my ipod 2G (I know it is a old one but i had a lot of cool stuff on it)
gone trough the wash for 20 min but it was in my pocket for a day and the
sides of the screen is white what should i do please answer please! :(

AriXSam Ari says:

The sound and the vibration is still working… I fell on a pool and had my
iphone 5 in my pocket… it has a black screen and doesnt turn on though.
But someone called me and the sound was still working… also it was
vibrating.. HELP ME PLEASEE

Bhavnisha Parmar says:

Hi Jerry, Thanks for the video. Really helpful. My situation is that I
dropped it in water and then did the panic thing of trying to switch it on.
I have been told there is no saving it from this point. However have you
ever known this battery switch to have worked when someone has done that? I
did put it in rice immediately after. Thanks, appreciate it. B

Yoko Kaab says:

I droped my iphone 4S in the toilet (yes, so stupid!), I dried it and when
I got home I put it in some rice for 24 hours. Then i found your video,
opened my baby, and I see the sensor is still white!
I am so happy, but i havent turned it on yet, and I will probably wait
until tomorrow, but thank you very much for this.

Ang Teresa says:

Thank you so much. It works… wonderful !! thank you

chucky kessler says:

Worked like a charm but would not charge had a old Iphone laying around so
I swapped out the charging port and BAM Back to normal very nice video bro
thanks !!!!!!!!!!

Ledaa thekitty says:

Hey I dropped my iPhone in a sink nd it’s off but the screen ws wet from
The inside
Do you think it needs a battery or should I just put it in a rice ?

mabelle moon says:

I brought my iphone4 outside in a couple minutes the screen turnrd off when
I pressed the top part of my phone the screen turned off again any

Skylar Johnson says:

the sound wont work either

Rahgir Nabi says:

I just did it on my sprint iphone 4 and it worked! Thanks a lot! Bought one
of those screw drivers from ebay for $1.19. For those that it didn’t work,
you can try sites like recyclemeonline dot net, they buy pretty much
anything with any damage, used them a couple of times.

Haylee McVey says:

I dropped my iPod 5 in water and I got it out as soon as I did it. I dried
it off and everything is fine but the charger hole won’t connect right and
my sound won’t work out loud but if I plug headphones in it’s fine. what
should I do? 

xxinfinitybabe09 says:

my iphone was wet but can I wait till my baterie comes from delivey

tyahr lewis says:

My iPhone went through the washer and turns on and everything but when you
plug it up to a computer it says connect to iTunes then I dies when you
take it off the charger even when it says 100 percent

Sunny Shin says:

my iphone 4s dropped in the toilet and i put in rice overnight and plugged
it in (might’ve been a mistake) but it wouldn’t charge, just showed the low
battery icon. is it fixable?

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