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How To Fix A Water Damaged iPad Step By Step

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This is me destroying an ipad and bringing it back to life.


-drac -Pack- says:

Um can I just hairdry it ?

Random Kirsty1715 says:

Boo! My iPad already dropped in water 4 months ago

Artoria Pendragon says:

I got water in my IPad pro and the screen was affected. Everything seem fine but the LCD is messed up. Some parts are dark, one has flickering light and the water is still under the screen. It's been few days but i hope its possible to revive it.

Universecsky Original says:

Who's watching this on a iPad 2

Amy Tarracino says:

I looked it up than realized how is this going to work if I can't here her??stupid much

KJ PLAYZ says:

what a waste of a perfectly working ipad

winshton alexander Jimenez says:

just soop it out and it were work o like to


Will you lose all the data on it if yes I'm gonna be really sad cuz I'm on 10.2.1 and I spilled water and it say on the Airplay headphones and THERES NO HEADPHONES so I need to take this to Apple to fix this

Em lem Randall says:

I'm just one comment in a sea of comments

dillan hughett says:

mine got dropped in the sink for like 10 seconds and it started doing the volume and and power button and its my school ipad should i wait for it to dry will it be fine i need opinions please

Hakker By says:

I don't know where to start, but I'm pretty sure my brother got soy milk spilled on the iPad mini, but I don't know for sure since he can't speak yet. The screen is still showing, not completely black, the screen is purple, completely purple. What happened to the iPad ? And how to fix it?

Big Bad Jimmy Badasperous says:

Mines like that too same my trick that i used to make it normal doesn't work any more

Hannah Blake says:

Well I never dropped my iPad mini in the water, nor did I drop it.
I'm VERY protective of my iPad. Since it's like my life lol. But I just wanted to see what to do if I do drop it in water or…crap like that.

Sebastian Pichardo says:

what if the water went into where the charger was plz somebody answer my question

YUMMIvids says:

I want an iPad for my whole life… and you just destroy it in one video ?

x Snipez - Cod Gameplay And More says:

is it the same with the iphone 5

Em lem Randall says:

I dropped my iPad in the bath I can still use it but the volume has completely gone

Royston17 says:

One of my speakers has just randomly broken. Haven't put it anywhere near water; dunno what to do

HYUGA Master says:

I spilt water onto my iPad and the screen has lines which usually aren't there. what should I do? will it be easily fixed?

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