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How to fix a stretched/squished screen/desktop (Resolution)

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Hello YouTube!
Today Im going to show you how to fix your stretch/squished screen/desktop. (other words: Resolution)

There are 2 ways to fix your resolution:
1. Changing it manutally
2. Installing your video drivers (which many explain why your screen settings were not correct)

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Rafael Rosario says:

So uhh I set my dpi to 500% and now I can’t get out of it help meh plz

EMMANUEL canale says:


jaybee Viernes says:

i have dell monitor a square type
and ive already done changes on my computer but still i really cant run games on my monitor cause seems like theres no problem on the cpu itsell cause the game is really running but not showing
can u please help me

#AYTV says:




Shailesh Purohit says:

thanks man love you brother

steve collins says:

Been trying to fix this for days. With the help of your video now fixed . Thanks

Duckymite says:

i dont understand this
im moving to a nother vid

FTS_Laze says:

Yesssss fuck yeah god bless u this has happend to my windows 10 and I can fix this

Ronin Glenn says:

Thanks my laptop glitched and this was my last hope and it worked

Esim Musić says:

Thank you bič

CabeTheDestroyer says:

What i did is i went to nvidia control panel
Adjust desktop size and position
Change aspect ratio to full screen
Hope this helped because it helped me

Kayleigh Miller says:

This game that im playing is on chrome os and the screen is sqaushed and you cant read the text.. is there a way to fix that? the game is called "So Many Me", i used the chrome store demo launcher.

Vixyy says:

Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

Charlescube16 says:

I have a Nvidia card and it says that its updated, it still doesnt work :/

Gareth 17 and Minnie 14 says:

Thanks for telling me about this also it helped me to solve my own problem to fix my computer

Bi - han says:

how come i dont have it tho?

jonathaniel alipes says:

can u do windows 10 of this

douchebag patrol says:

my monitor is squahed from the sides atm and from this current state ur squished monitor looks perfectly fine in my monitor lol

CRIM4L says:

This video helped me so much, thank you!!!

N Galaxy says:

thanks thou im 10 and eneded up doing it myself 😀 i think you helped thou

Centurion-Exotic says:

Non genuine windows 10

Centurion-Exotic says:

Does this work with a non genuine copy?

Adrun says:

Worked for me man!

Pippa Wilshire says:

Thank You. 🙂

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