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How to fix a slow computer

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Most people complain of having a slow computer. This video explains the two main ways to speed up your computer.


Nutela Astronout says:

Thank you so much it worked :D

Raygo Chu says:

I need help, i have 1 video on my channel can somebody look at it and help

ReviverSoft says:

Has your computer been slowing down lately? Can’t quite figure out what the
problem is?

Not for long! Mark from ReviverSoft show you the two main ways to speed up
your #slowcomputer and keep a handle on things:

How to fix a slow computer

PikaCow Gaming says:

Mine is bad…… i cant load up youtube or ANYTHING!!!

Luke Atkinson says:

Hi I tryed to do what u did on ur video but im having problems with when Im
watching a tv programme (simpsons) I downloaded when I watch it its offline
and im not using the Internet to watch it but it same like its have
rendering problems on vlc player or windows player what can I do ? Thanks
for the video it will help for future references 🙂 

ReviverSoft says:

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