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How To Fix A Slow Computer And Speed It Up Substantially

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How To Fix A Slow Computer And Speed It Up Substantially

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Daniel Alvear says:

My computers so bad it wont even let me run my internet browser

Joseph McKinney says:

I definitely saw a difference I appreciate the help thanks

Enisa Kovacevic says:

thank you amazing video and good explanation.Thanks

dylan rhodes says:

Great video thnk u so much spent 120 dollars to fix laptop and still runs
slow so u are a life saver and thnx to the software creators<3

Tina Jang Maw says:

WorldTravelerMan what kind of performance are you using? and plz make a
video of you making that performance options. thx

mana lana says:


Filip Kuna says:

Please all look at my video if you are interested..URL:How to change
desktop picture

katiecrafts107 says:

I need help. So my Internet connection is slooow, but when it says that the
strength is excellent. I use CCleaner to delete and remove files, and my
computer is brand new. 

Katy Dallas says:

This video was fantastic! It’s the first time I’ve ever actually
understood what one of these “clean-up” videos were trying to teach. You
are an amazing teacher – simple explanation, clear, effective. Thank you!

Ricky F says:

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Scp Reader says:

Why no link? I kept clicking the wrong website! And all said I had to pay

Casmir Ukah says:

thanks and God bless you…it worked for me

Alfie Stroud says:

It did not work for me

B3AST says:

Mine had 822400 files to check!

hercule gamer says:

hello for more information on the health of the computer see the
description of the video clean my computer : How to remove virus from your

Abriella Sudela says:

How to speed up PC? Read this twitter!>>>

KILBURN227 says:

When i bought my PC I could play BF3 on HIGH and now I can barely play on

gghhdhrh says:

My computer suck so bad like it dose not even open my iTunes its baddd

JordansShrimp says:

i have never tried the avg spy protection bet better be safe and do this
anyways 😛

Dereksavage17 says:

Well I’m fixin to use this hopefully it works ill give it a try then
comment if it works my computer won’t pull up anything until three hours or
so has passed so this should help if it works ill comment to let y’all know
if it worked

rspatrikozors says:

(not litterary) well anyways u saved my computer i had this computer like 3
years and today in the morning i needed to open an internet page i had to
wait at least 10 mins lol the worst on facebook 0.0 well anyways tyvm!

Robert H says:

worked for my HP PC thanks

Norden Lama says:

Fuck do you know you are super genus!! Awesome man great job and thanks for
the helping us to get rid from fucking slow coumputers:DD

CaptainDumpy1 says:

spybot takes a long time but it was worth it thanks man it really helps i
appreciate it

pingod123 says:


ImTheBiggestNoob says:

@WorldTravelerMan when i watch videos on youtube inclusive this one , all
of them are so slow on my computer it wasen’t like that like 2 days ago ,
and if i do this will it fix that if you know what i mean , great video btw!

screamtech2 says:

Try RegInout to speed up your computer

tighmir says:

I got a tip. Get rid of Vista lol. Jk.

Legendofguns123 says:


Miguel Juarez says:

Thank You for the info really helps

Im Guilt says:

Ugh I hate your voice

PRO_Gaming says:

thanks so much!

Marc Walker says:

LOL!!!!Fixing computer right NOW!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

mack35900 says:


6043ron says:

Hey, this really works ! Thanks man !

Ismail Feham says:

Congratulation 212 likes et just 6 dislike 😀 !

Red Pawner ROBLOX says:

thanks you got a sub :DD

xYuNuZx says:

the problem with my computer is that it used to work perfect yesterday but
now my whole pc is lagging ..even opening ‘start’ takes a while..

Norden Lama says:


thepokemonmariofan says:

would anti-malware work?

Desifects says:

Thanks for making this, but how could it take you so long to find SpyBot
since everyone knows it is the best?

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