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How to fix a overheating laptop

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over heating laptop repair. This is on a Dell Inspiron laptop. Like the music? Here’s the link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOHXTqh–Tw


HollywoodAMcom says:

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BT says:

As a tech, I can tell you that the majority of laptop users are not
comfortable with anything close to this level of disassembly. Some are even
hesitant to replace the battery. Also in general practice, you should
never use anything metal like the small screwdriver you apparently use to
get dust off the ‘coils’. A stiff brush of some sort and copious amounts of
compressed air wont cause any damage. 

HollywoodAMcom says:

Like the music? Here’s the link to the song: Subliminal Levels – Dont
Steer Your Love Away

GamersNationChannel says:

bro chill out nobody got the balls to do that

Baagii Pro says:

Every single part of ur laptop is different from mine -_-

Liam Shotson says:

I cringed every time he used the wrong terminology for things, and calling
the copper heat pipe brass.

Franx K says:

Just buy a cooling pad from Amazon.

Andrew Leonard says:

I am using that
exact same compter

Adrian D. says:

That’s a computer difficult to open, my Asus has only 5 screws and the
whole back panel comes out.

Daniel Karamitev says:

Bah man,I’m too lazy to do this!I need to find another good way,cuz my Acer
overheats every time I start playing like LoL or Minecraft…THAT SUCCKS

peelopuu says:

If your laptop keeps still overheating I recommend you to change the
thermal paste of the cpu. Did it with my laptop and temps dropped from
averaget 80 to 50 celcius. If you don’t know how to do it watch videos on
youtube or ask somebody tech person you know. 

Stevie Wonder says:

When, and if you get to the coils where his dust was caked on, try a vacuum
, or maybe a piece of tape to collect the dust. Or be real careful.

alex krasnic says:

WHAT SONG IS PLAYING PLEASE???????????????????????

Felmer washere says:

*Breaks Keyboard* I trusted you ;-;

brandon hughes says:

you missed the extremely important part about taking out the wire to your
power button like the keyboard and mouse pad. it is needed to turn of the
device and if you don’t do it right then the black plastic cap can shoot
off stopping the power cable from being properly placed in the slot and
coming out so the laptop won’t turn on until you get it right

D. Stanley Corcoran III says:

Wondering, have not read all the comments, would compressed air be an
alternative approach?

Stevie Wonder says:

I hope you really consider weather you want to do this or not. You could
potentially destroy your lap top, and I’m sure you paid way more for yours
than I did. I am mechanically inclined, and love to tinker with stuff, and
I’m pretty good at it, but I have to draw the line going this far. I would
go as far as taking the bottom off, if were that easy. I have a fairly new
HP 17.5″ 500gb, and went to remove the bottom, but when it wouldn’t come
apart, I stopped. I can’t afford a new one.

Jake Sully says:

screws you mentioned at 9:02 arent screws xD to remove heatsink on cpu chip
and gpu you gota tip motherboard over and then you find 4 screws 🙂 since
position of motherboard is upside down so screws is on other side of

DrcJr77 says:

Keep in mind, just touching medal Does not discharge you Unless the medal
itself is grounded.

robin ernste says:

I am not going to do this man!
i don’t wanna fuck up my laptop

MinecraftMassVerse says:

Lol I set maximum to 1% by accident and my GTA 4 went from 40 FPS to 70 –
100 FPS wtf

Matt Dixon says:

wth? this is why i didn’t buy Dell laptop, such a pain to replace the

Brandon O'Sullivan says:

dude, good vid. what you showed me is that i can do it if i just give it a
go. I pulled my ps3 apart a couple years ago to replace the thermal paste
and it worked heaps better. This is similar on all levels and shouldnt be
that hard to do. JUST TRY IT GUYS

CANAD X says:

goodbye warranty

JayPlaysYT says:

Lol like hell im doing that :P

frohman3 says:

Stupid hard drive location on that laptop.

lilpandasdancin says:

would a laptop cooling pad keep overheating from happening after you do all
of this

TomLovis says:

If you take the heat spreader off the cpu and gpu NEVER just put it back
on! You need to remove the old thermal paste with new one – just check out
some videos on how to do that. Hardened thermal paste will rip apart and
not fit together that same way as before, enclosing air which leads to heat
not being transferred well enough. If you take the time and put in the
effort to clean out your whole notebook do it right and exchange the
thermal paste for some decent new one and your temperatures will go down a
Notebooks as well as computers have to be taken apart and cleaned out once
or twice a year in order for them to stay cool and provide top performance,
since high temps will result in most hardware components to clock down and
you will waste potential performance as well as get much more noise from
fans speeding up to cool your system.
If you don’t want to do it yourself just take it to your local computer
shop where professionals will do it for you. 

Alex Semenena says:

We are bros i have Dell Inspiron Same model as you forgot thouse model

Xenosaga Lam says:

Love your dedication in promoting laptop cleaning knowledge! Awesome!

matthijsxvi says:

Thank you for this video, it really helped me!

pimppope says:

Well you made me save a lot of money! Thanks for the help! VERY

Lasse Rasmussen says:

a dell was just the best computer to do this video with
all dell laptop’s starts to get overheat like 2 months after u purchased

Smiler Liverpool says:

get a hoover on it

John doe says:

My labtop is broked. Can u’s send mes a new one?

freevideos051 . says:

good info, that is a copper pipe not brass good video though heat is a big
problem with laptops

ItsCharlotteDoe says:

I’ve somehow disconnected the speakers that or it’s just a coincidence and
something went wrong during an update does anyone have a solution 

Hey!i'mSavannahღI Like Mono Bearsღ says:

So i was scared to do this so i just went to this guy who fixed my computer
alot of times and i showed him this video and he did this and now my
computer isnt so overheated! Thanks! really helpfull vid!

Иван Живковић says:

Apply new thermal paste after cleaning heatsink.

mark bain says:

yeh just wear antistatic wrist band for ESD

Carlos Pinzon says:

this explains to me why mine will overheat after using canned air. thanks a

engy zine says:

My laptop is the same of yours and it’s overheat so fast … but Is
upgrading the bios reson of overheating the laptop or only dirt ? plz tell
me before i try your way 

BamItz Fergalicious says:

I have the same computer, so it was easy for me. Thanks c:

ketzbruh says:

You took the heatsink off without replacing the thermal paste on the CPU?

thedarknightiscoming says:

What sane Average Joe would even attempt this??? I do this all the time and
I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Every laptop has a different set up, and
these days most components are soldered on. You should not recommend this
to people. Specially since your video is not detailed enough to even make
give proper instructions for your particular model. Next time put your
disclaimer at the beginning. I hope no one has wrecked their $1000 laptop
so they can save on the $50 they’d pay to have someone else take the fall. 

GSRTurbooo says:

PS. its a Dell

khoa nguyen says:

u teach us to take it off but not put back in

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