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How to Fix a Lenovo Laptop that Won’t Turn On / Freezes at start up / No Power Repair

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This is an easy fix for any model Lenovo that won’t turn, gets stuck during boot, freezes or turns on and then dies.
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mithil bhuva says:

Wow!! Tat worked..Thank u…:)

auruore says:

actually with an internal battery all you have to do is hold the button down and I should turn on when you press it again

Assassins Freak says:

Doesnt solve my problem, i got a lenovo thinkpad X250, it just started randomly restarting on its own and now wont turn on, if anyone have tried and solved this problem or atleast know how to then please help me fixing it.


Thnx a lot it helped me

Jae Eaj says:

Thank you so much you're my hero 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Happy Tang says:

Thank you so much!!

Yasemin 58 says:

Thank you it worked by just 1 try

Samika Sparks says:

thank you for your help


My screen wont turn on when the laptop is on. It only shows the light which means it's on but the screen wont turn on

fikri kun says:

Hloy sjit that's really working

Cupcakelovr says:

I didn't do one of the steps and it still worked does this mean I damaged my laptop?

hi there says:

Do you have any tips mine goes on this turns off even though the screen is off

Christine says:

WOW! Thank you 🙂

Ramkesh Maurya says:

It doesn't works..plz help me
My lenovo laptop screen turns blue and showing "please wait"

Pravin Raj says:


Khervee Pineda says:

How to repair it I hadn't a battery First?

Stacy Fazbear says:

I can't even remove the battery… There has to be another way!!!!

Daniel Carver says:

thanks worked for me. cheers


My LENOVO laptop turn no and suddenly turn off after update i cant open safe mode also how can fix this problem …..

Chans Montgomery says:

Thank you so much. You saved my life, and now I owe you a great debt.

ferhan anwar says:

Omg it actually works

ItzEzMe says:

You help me! I really thank you!!

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