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How To Fix a Laptop

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Does your laptop keep freezing? Is it not turning off? Does it keep blue screening? Does it have a system error? No problem! Simply watch this video and I will show you how to fix it quickly and efficiently! No need to pay a fortune on a computer technician, simply watch this video and you’ll be able to fix ANY laptop yourself, free of charge!

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The Redstone Laboratory says:

how to enjoy using the computer! in 3 steps!
1. Delete Windows
2. install Linux
3. Enjoy

or! you can also follow these steps
1. Trow away your computer/laptop
2. Buy a Mac
3. Enjoy

THESE STEPS BOTH WORK! Just choose one of the two ways,
mac os x and linux are both better than windows

LeagueofBread says:

fuck you. You’re destroying a goddamn laptop to get more money from youtube.
Just stop that and do it for charity..

Quinn Collis says:

How can they be 1,000,000 views when they r only 900,000 people in the

Awemage says:

He must have a LOT of money if he can afford to keep destroying stuff,
still entertaining.

DarkSoft Darkova says:

WhoToBasic … i think u are stupid …

Dick Chainy says:

Does this work for a mac?

mute333tard says:

That’s exactly how I feel about Microsoft 

elgoognazo says:


Aleš Moravec says:

YouTube money?

Michael Hung says:

have you tried turning it on and off again?

Andperson says:

Oh, so I WAS doing it wrong
I forgot the trail-mix, silly me.

Антон Кораблев says:

0,21-0,22 and 0,24-0,26 women voice,who is that,your wife,sister?

LL993theAwesome says:

I got a blue screen with the error ‘Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap’! Please
help, I did all the instructions correctly! :(

Jonathan Velez says:

Son of a bitch. Starving kids in Africa could use that hammer you selfish

TriaWay™ says:

You destroyed your computer not fixed him! You don’t see?

ImTeeq says:

For me it just restarted it then it was faster but then it happened again,
so I just repeated the steps shown and now its better than new! 

Gage Burke says:


Ouskillah Best Killah says:

Kids in africa would’ve eaten that wrench!

cj floyd says:

ahhh the horror……..so much product placment

FlamesAtGames says:

I followed all the steps, but now there’s just a dolphin at my couch… 🙁
Can anyone help?

NFX says:

I know why he does this.
He does this because yolo.

bob jones says:

Have you tried turning it off and back on?

Sam Rafiei says:

U know if u don’t want that u can just give it to me before u smash it and
make onion rings with it and the best part for free!!!

Aiden Copiaco says:

That is not how to fix a laptop

Slendermans Son says:

Let me quess, did he uploaded the video to the laptop he fixed?

Kevin Pinnock says:

Genius! I’ve been looking for a way to fix my Windows ME laptop, I think
this may just do the trick.

alcid34 says:

OMG kids in Africa would have eaten that laptop!

The Dark Aura says:

He broke his laptop! D:

alex kim says:

If u look really closely, the laptop will turn off

Adan Marin says:

Was there someone in your house ?! While you were “fixing” that 

Headset537 says:

if those were a just giveaways 🙁 sigh

CoherentAttractor says:

Автор – мудак. Медицина тут бессильна.

Furry Fox says:

I am now convinced this guy is fucking rich if he can keep destroying
perfectly good technology and bread ingredients (except the eggs, which
everyone else is convinced are all rotten).

FWOD says:

I followed every step but now there’s a dolphin on my couch.

saharNooby says:

Я смотрел со слезами на глазах!

Człowiek Człowieczy says:

Children from Africa could eat that laptop…

Dimitris Pap says:

he forgot to close it after fixing it

AndrewThe Bird says:


minerwelcomelol says:

Thanks for the tutorial.

PervasiveBurn II says:

Thank god it worked! My computer runs 25x faster. Now i can delete norton. 

Daniel Tojal says:

This guy is a little weird…

TDG productions says:

R.I.P laptop


Thanks,I’m going to try this!

Olli Jokinen says:

Thanks HowToBasic! Now my laptop is working again. :)

Minicraftiano says:

El portátil del vídeo es como el mio y vale 999euros .*. se nota que la
gente con dinero lo aprovecha muy bien con inversiones buenas .*.

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