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How to Fix a Laptop that Won’t Turn On! (Asus X551M)

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This is only one method that works with an Asus X551M laptop.
(Update) Seriously guys! I realize the music is loud, there’s nothing i can do about it, as i don’t have the original video. Please deal with it. =D I really hope this video helps everyone. Good luck!!!


Return2Basics24 says:

Thank you! Very helpful & a fairly easy solution. You just turned a bad day with no hope in sight into a good day

Hosea Whitt says:

Bruh your music's way too loud. Can't here what you're saying at all

itzz me JAY says:

my laptop would not turn on but I held it for 30 seconds and it turned on xD 😂😂😂😂

Levy Gant says:

Thanks for the tutorial, but at the end, you said to press down the power button or just press ????? I couldn't understand. What was the alternative to pressing the power button?

Zodiac Cancer says:

Asus is trash

Antrxx 魔 says:

Thanks for the help now my mom wont get mad :^)

Nancy Booth says:

cheers mate!! worked like a dream

indviduation says:

Thanks for post your solution, laptop back online (extra screws for some reason) :>)

Zac Coleman says:

My computer won't turn on after doing this like the green light that turns on when the computers on just dosent turn on so thanks I guess

Piero Alessandro Morales Vergara says:

what is the name of this song?????????????????

Walter C says:

Music way too loud dude

Feeza Nutella ela eh eh says:

the music bckground like watching pornhub

Christina Hadley says:

Great job — despite the sound. You made it a fast and easy process for me. Thanks.

Faisal Mohamud says:

thanks a lot this video really helped me.

Yusha says:

988th subscriber ^^

Lawrence Sumilang says:

How to remove in Asus X541U model make a tutorial ithink the battery is non removable?

Cin22 says:

Thanks I really needed this advise!! only issue was not hearing your voice in some parts but it was an easy 1 2 3 by just looking at what you were doing

Jay K says:

Same issues. I did exactly what you're video stated and it worked! Thanks!!

212 Gaming says:

what the fuck are you playing at putting music like that threw a tutorial like this people need to near what you say

Amy Copp says:

nice vid but music is terribly loud

ZooBuddyDoo says:


TheTigerWolf ŤŤW says:

i have a 553 and its the same so..

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